Why Not to Ask Which Yo-Yo is Better

Hello, members.

I am sort of new here, and don’t exactly know how to come across here with threads, but I see tons of questions asking which Yo-Yo should I get? or which Yo-Yo is better? or which is the best?

Comming across nicely, but could you members of those questions please take a look at Samad’s preference thread instead of making us look over it?

I have no real problem, it’s just almost a waste of time for us to go search for those 8 questions, copy + paste them to our replies, and wrie an answer with it. I will provide a link here:

And I would reccommend the members that ask those questions, to try and referain as much as possible for asking those questions. Again, it is not a matter, but it does sometimes kill us finding this.

Thanks! :wink:

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Nice post. ;]

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if there was another like this, but either way, we need members to be advised of this.


I know this isn’t B/S/T, but we need this to stay as far up as possible.

I want other members to take notice of this thread, and understand it so they don’t ask any more questions like those. :wink:

No need to bump, it’s still on the first page. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, but no, I wanted others to know, and so it would stay up top of the General Yo-Yo section, so they woud notice it. :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, a lot of people were bumping up my old post to show people, so I had to lock it and just post links to it whenever.

And I’m posting again! All because my troubles with Spencer are over!
Hopefully he won’t join again as Spencer Z or something.

And to you: JamFan, welcome to the forums. You seem to be a very smart individual and I feel you will be a great member (Unless you are Spencer with a new account name :P) I’m just joking though, I don’t want it to seem as if I am accusing you, because I really do want you to stay.

Oh, and also, you don’t need to bump it when its still on the first page. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at the top for people to see it. Its fine for it to be on the first page. :slight_smile:

It seriously is an honor to have you posting again, Samad. I hope my PM inspired you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. Spencer Z. That would be funny. Naw - not really. ;D

Thanks for welcoming me, Samad. It really means a lot for somebody to call someone else smart.

Oh, oops. :smiley:

Just wanted members to see. :slight_smile:

Thanks, though! :slight_smile: Good to see ya back! :wink:

I’m back.
I made a new account.

Its not the old Spencer?

I reported you just in case.


WTF? (sorry)

Spencer, Spencer L., SpencerZ?

What the?!

Yay your posting again!!! (sorry if this was spam)

Oh welcome jamfan very good post for a new person to the forum ;D And i totally agree with you.

Hear, hear!!

oh MAN! I made a helpful post in “yoyo reviews” section, and I deleted it, because of Samad. And then here it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]


Um? What’s here, here!!! supposed to mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, here. Samad is back?

I mean “here” in this thread.

Happy Throwing!= ]

I don’t get it. Whatever.


Back on topic. :wink:

This is a great post, nice job man! :slight_smile:

If I may make a suggestion,I think you should change the name of the thread to “The best yoyo is…” or something like that. Most beginners don’t know what personal preference is when it comes to yoyos, so that might be a good way to get them to read it.

It’s just a though, feel free to take it or leave it.