Which is Better?

Did a blog post; just wanted to talk about this rising trend of ‘tell me what to get’. http://themikemonty.com/which-is-better/


I read the title and thought “Oh Gawd, Not you too!” lol

Haha! That’s awesome.

Great ‘rant’ Mike. I hope it can help clear the forums a bit. I really wish I had somebody around that I could share different types of yo-yo’s with. It would make it so much easier on my wallet, since I’m still kind of looking for that type of yoyo that sticks with me ::). Keep up the good work man.

Most likely the ones asking these question will never see your rant, or any other rant regarding the issue until it’s too late. I hope you feel better now, though. :slight_smile:

While I agree that going to a forum and asking “Which is better” is wrong and that practice/skill will make a huge difference. I can’t agree with the “just try it” theory on the premise that the thought of ordering a 50-150 dollar yoyo just to try it makes my wallet hurt. lol (Though if there was a store around here that carried yoyo’s it would make things a lot simpler).

I think one reason for the “Which is better/What should I get” threads is a lack of research from the individual.

  • Check out the reviews on the yo-yo you are considering. (I feel that this is the main reason many yo-yo manufactures send them to be reviewed.) - Compare the specs to a yoyo you currently own. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from the yoyo.- If you can’t find the specific information on a particular yoyo, ask someone who owns one. (Many of the reviewers are glad to answer questions as well, but be patient while awaiting their answer)

Personally, I research different yoyos for weeks before coming to a decision.

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