An Idea For YYE

Here’s an idea I thought of while looking for a Born Crucial Milk on YYN, (didn’t find it >:() make an option to compare yoyos. Like compare an 888 to a BOSS to really see the difference between them besides the extra rim profile. And so all the questions about “Which Yoyo Should I Get” will be answered. And there will be no more stupid answers like “Its all about preference”. So then most of the General YoYo Forum topics wont be What YoYo blah blah blah and so forth. And also with this you can come to a more decisive conclusion to find the right yoyo for you. And you don’t need to wait for people to reply.

Its just an idea :wink:

We already had a thread suggesting this, but I don’t feel it should take over the preference answers.

Great idea nonetheless.

Oh really? I didn’t see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a while ago, its no problem.

I don’t think the preference answer is stupid. In fact, if it weren’t for that answer, many people here would be extremely disappointed with their yoyos.


Yup, good idea. I don’t see why we couldn’t do that but one thing is that now-a-days we have tabs or at least multiple windows so you can view them at the same time.

It still wouldn’t take away many “which yoyo” threads, but it would be more helpful.

do you mean something like on yoyoguy where you can put 2 yoyos and see the size difference

No they mean comparing the Specs.

The preference answer-Samad, you are right about how some people would be extremely disappointed with their yoyos if no one said preference, but it does get annoying to me sometimes. Like if someone starts a topic saying “Which do you like better the Dv888 or Hectic?” I hate it when someone takes that as a “Which yoyo should I get the Dv888 or Hectic?” and they say “It’s all preference.” What the person means is which do YOU like better, not which IS better. I just get annoyed by that. And as for the “Which yoyo should I get?” topics, well, how do they know their preference if they have never tried those yoyos?

I can see what you mean with people asking which yoyo people like more, but much more often then not those people are asking that so they can know what yoyo to get based on popularity.

They may not know those exact yoyos, but especially if that person is looking at possibly getting a metal then they should definitely have general preferences (i.e. what size, weight, shape, etc. they like).

Both of you are right, but those topics wouldn’t exist if this idea was in play. And I think we all know its all about preference getting a knew yoyo preferably a metal, but if a person knows what kind of yoyo appeals to them (which is something that we all should know) then they can compare say an 888 and a BOSS. And I know that there is a tab system but it would be alot easier if you could just look at them side by side. Without having to flip back and forth between tabs.

A comparison tool would be great. I don’t think the polls would stop if we had one though. The people who makes these polls are only interested in what other people think. And I don’t think a comparison tool would change that. It would be awesome if it did though.