this whole preference thing...


is kinda getting out of hand in my opinion… it seem poeple are using it as a scape goat to not give an opinion… while its true that preference has a lot to do with modern yoyoing, the quality of responses to some of these threads would greatly improve if instead of stating “its all preference”, state " this is what I like, and this is WHY I like it… I believe that will truly be helpful in not only helping people choose, but also help them understand…


I think I do that. I mean, I like the DM2 and I’m rather vocal about it, and as to why I like it.

Even so, let’s say I post up a great opinionated editorial regarding something, and the OP reads it and is thinking “yeah, I like this, I like that, and hey, we even have the same other yoyos and so we seem to have the same PREFERENCES”, and then once the yoyo gets in their hands, they could not like it. Then again, maybe they do like it.

So, I just say my piece and move on. The chances are good nobody is reading what I’m typing up anyways. I have lots of yoyos and I like them, so I’m very lucky that way. Of course, I do have yoyos I like a lot more than others.

A good review or recommendation is just a starting point at best. Unfortunately, the best way to for the person making the inquiry is to be able to get one and to try it, preferably before they buy. This is a fantastic reason to try to belong to and participate in multiple yoyo clubs.

What would often be nice is if people asking for information would maybe mention what they are currently throwing and what they like/dislike, especially when they don’t suggest a few yoyos they are interested in. Even so, knowing their preferences when they do ask regarding specific yoyos also helps.

Yes, it’s all about preferences, but this is a two-way discussion. Those asking should share preferences, while those responding are of course providing their preferences.


Glad someone said this! Hearing no yoyo is better than another yoyo over and over gets a little silly. Some yoyo’s are better than other yoyo’s at certain things. I know that I have some yoyo’s that I have an easier time landing tricks on than others. Some yoyo’s are more stable, some grind better, etc. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I like them more, but I would say that they are better in specific areas than others. I think that kind of information is helpful. Then the person can decide if that specific benefit is valuable to them or not.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to describe how a yoyo feels. My current favorite yoyo is the Bassline. But I have a hard time describing why I like how it plays. It just feels relaxed and fits my style somehow.


I do that, ALOT, but not in the exact same way. I post a responce saying you need to give us more information about how you like to play and you prefrences so that we can help you choose what yoyo will be best suited to you.

I see alot of one line questions like, “I want yoyo A and yoyo B, can you tell me witch is better, thanks”…and that is it. Most of the time it is a topic that has been started over and over again, like protostar vs. northstar, or dark magic vs. northstar…and the list goes on. All they have to do is use the search bar and find those threads (witch I link them to unless someone has allready).

Most of the time yoyo A and yoyo B are very dissimilar as well. Most of the time the yoyos are very diffrent with very diffrent play charachteristics, one is full sized and sort of floaty and one is undersized and plays like a rock with purpose. It makes me wonder what drove then to pick such diffrent yoyos in the first place to compare them…I need more information.

I don’t post a reply like, “It’s all about prefrence”, and leave it at that, I ask for more information and then, (if they give me that info), give my opinion to help the person choose the best yoyo for them. I will amit that “it’s all about prefrence” is used alot now that I think about it and it is not very helpfull. I suppose that some people are just fed up with all of the threads popping up about witch is better…I will admit that there is a stagering amount of them popping up alot of the time.

I never knew about YoyoExpert forums until febuary of this year, (when I started posting on the forums), and I never knew about asking for help from other yoyoers on the forum. No clue whatsoever. I do think that alot of people jump the gun and post a new topic withought looking to see if it is allready posted. Some peope say, well they are new and dont understand the forums, well I new nothing about formns myself but I saw that nice search bar in the top right and I USED IT. But that is me and not someone else. I had questions, I wanted answers but I had nowhere to ask them…and didn’t know how. I honestly think that there are just too many "help me with (insert random thing here that has been beat to death allready). I got my information the other way, looking at reviews, looking at allready posted topics and such. I got all of my info. I am still very eager to help anyone who wants it on the forum though it allways makes me think…how many are doing it like I did and how many are just posting threads like crazy…it is allways in the back of my head.

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Well this thing is really preference. I mean really, if you have nothing to say and want to answer an often nothing thread with nothing, than "preference,’ is the way to go. ;D My preference is to look at the op and see how many other “what’s the best threads” they have made then look at their join date. When I see several of these threads and see they have been a member for quite a while, I know they prefer to treat us like their dogs and ask us to jump through hoops for them. However, they never, never will give you a treat! :’( Now really I must inquire, Aren’t they deserving of “It’s just preference?”

On the other hand people that are obviously new to yoyoing and to the forum deserve some serious consideration and assistance with their start in a wonderful activity that has unlimited potential to positively change their lives and the lives of others. :wink:

Reply? Don’t reply? It’s all about your preference :D. (What time is it? I must still be asleep, why else would I post this? :P)

edit: Sorry about the smilie overkill lol!


yeah I think so too, people can help by pin point what the advantage and disadvantage of the yoyo, that way they can choose what they like base on that, because most of the new player still don’t know what they like. for someone who just getting started it’s okay to choose for them I think.

so for short saying preference is okay nut you can also give advice to those who need it


i wasnt accusing everyone, but this rant was meant to bring this to peoples attention… some people make very useful posts regarless of who asks the questions, and thats part of making these forums the quality they are… and i have to admit, there are things that i dont know yet, however i do know that in order to move foreward, we need to be helpful to others…but dont take any of this personally, this rant was only spurred by a thread i recently saw where every reply was " preference preference preference"… like a math test, just writing the answer dosnt show that you understand the material, but showing your work does… anywayy, dont lose sleep over it


Interesting thread here.
Never thought I would find such an interesting thread.
Well you see not many of us actually know the exact weight distribution of the yoyo or how the yoyo is constructed, so most people giving recommendations can’t seem to give an exact recommendation since such details are not revealed to the public. So all recommendations are just down to feel and how the yoyo feels when we are playing it i guess.

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