Need Help Deciding On Your Next YoYo?

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I really thought there was a sticked thread about this. Hmmmm
So you need help deciding on a yoyo, well help is here. Before you post a thread on whether to get yoyo X or yoyo Y look at these tips. And don’t get me wrong, by all means post a thread if you need help deciding. That’s whats this section of this forum is for. But before you do, look at these tips.
First lets talk about preferences. Preferences are your preferable qualities of yoyo that you wish to have in the yoyo you wish to buy. Heavy, light, blue, glows in the dark, are all example of preferences. Here are some of the most common:

Metal or Plastic (What kind of Metal/Plastic. If you are not sure don’t worry too much about it)
Weight (Heavy, Medium, Light)
Size (Oversized, Midsized, Undersized)
Width (Skinny, Medium, Fat) (Average width is about 35-42mm, anything beyond those are getting closer to specialized or novelty yoyos)
Response type (Silicone, specific Pads, Friction stickers (ewww))
Bearing size (Size A, C, and D are the most common (D is less common) (Most modern day yoyos come with C size bearings, however there are some with A sized and D sized bearings)
Color (May or may not be important to you)
Price Range (Usually very important)
Skill level (Very important. Getting a yoyo that is too advanced for you may cause frustration.)
Other (This is where you would post any other requirement you want in your yoyo, for example: Needs hubstacks, matador “horns”, glows in the dark etc.)

So those are some key things to think about when buying a yoyo. Now say you are still locked between 2 yoyos with or regardless of you preferences. Here are some things you are going to want to do:

  • Search the web for reviews on those yoyos
  • Take it to the forums

Now when you take your question to the forum, you need to make sure you post your preferences. Otherwise people wont know what to recommend for you. Also there is no best yoyo. Yoyo X doesn’t always beat YoYo Y. There is a best for you however. Even if you were to put up a poll asking which yoyo (x or y) is the best and yoyo x wins, it doesn’t mean that it is gonna be the best yoyo for you. Also note that a yoyo wont make you better. It’s only you that can affect how you grow and develop your skills. I used to wait for my new yoyo to come in the mail and not practice at all. I claimed that I couldn’t get a certain trick because my current yoyo wasn’t advanced enough. I was wrong of course, because when I did receive my yoyo I was still in the same position that I was when I had my previous yoyo.

So that’s all I have for now. Hope this helps you on getting a new yoyo!
And remember to have fun :< rawr…

I could of sworn this type of post was already here… I’ve been here for a long time…


necro for this. cmon now he deserves credit!


If I have time over the Christmas break, I might see if I can use Kei’s criteria to make some sort of a flow chart.