Needs a compare feature for products

I think this would be very useful when debating on which yoyo you should get.If you want to compare the differences with two yoyos this would come in handy is situations like…when you want to prove a point,or explain to a friend the differences of two yoyos,or when you want to compare a yoyo that has a 2nd version (Yoyofactory Genesis). I think this would be something pretty neat for this website.It would seem more organized,and very cool because other yoyo sites don’t have the compare product feature.
I would like to see this added to the site one day. :slight_smile: Thank you

What do we compare exactly?

Diameter? Width? Weight? bearing?

Shapes are somewhat a grey area in some cases.

Weight doesn’t take into consideration weight distribution.

Response systems are a whole other issue.

Another site was using relatively crude(simplistic) graphics to compare width and diameter of 2 yoyos. It was good for getting a basic grasp of things but that was about it.

It’s hard to “prove a point” unless you’re quoting specific specs/known and/or published facts. Plus, when it comes to certain yoyos that I’m not fond of, there’s little point to trying to persuade me to change my mind. For example, I didn’t care for the SuperNova, Genesis, 888x and Severe. Great yoyos, I won’t argue those points, but I’ve played them and I didn’t care for them. Why? They didn’t work out well for me. These were all yoyos I was very interested in buying as well.

I think it would be more hassle than it would be worth. The existing system is far from perfect, but it lets users talk about yoyos and lets those reading make their own conclusions. Besides, as impartial as YYE may be about products, one perspective is not a complete enough picture. Keep in mind how important preferences are. One person’s perception will be different than someone else’s. These different points of view help paint a more thorough picture.

Now, if we’re talking “second versions”, then I’m all for actually a new product page being created. A not so great example would be the YYF ONE, which is very different in 2011 as it is in 2012(and beyond). Completely different pictures would be needed if BOTH were being kept as production models. The 2011 version was phased out relatively quickly. The 2012 version has many differences, including plastic texture and shape. Now, the TRU/retail hanger versions have redone caps, which in some ways are better than before.

To be a little more precise about what to compare I would like to see a compare specs feature on this site.

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I like the idea myself.

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Open up two tabs and look at the specs? Not much to compare… Now a search feature where you could filter yoyos to chosen specs would be interesting.


that needs to happen.

I agree this would be helpful and cool it could list the pros and cons of each throw

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No that’s subjective and something better served by the forums or yoyo review sites rather than merchant pages imo.

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yea but say you have 2 yoyos that you have narrowed it down to instead of going on the forums 2 clicks boom it gives you its pros and cons , guitar center does this you can compare products

Thats a good Idea

But pros and cons of yoyos are entirely up to what the person desires in a yoyo… The YYE descriptions already do a pretty good job, not sure what more you’d want.

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What he said ^

Very few modern high-end yoyos are going to have any major “cons” and any that are will probably be very subjective. Some people say the Puffin has rubbish spin time, others say it has great spin time. Some people say that a certain yoyo is “floaty” and others say that it’s “solid”. Nobody can ever seem to agree which is why a lot of “yoyo .vs. yoyo” threads usually end up with equal votes for both parties.

A stats comparison might be useful, however like Nathan pointed out, it’s very easy just to open up two different tabs and switch between them, and I don’t think a tiny bit less inconvenience on our parts is worth a very busy Andre trying to impliment an entirely new feature onto the website.

it can still point out the major things going for it , it can list if the yoyo is floaty , stable big ,etc yeah it may be up to the user wether they like something more but it could definitely give you a idea of the yoyo other than what the description says

Those are all qualitative things, as in opinion, or judgement.

These 8 items are quantitative, or measurable, and not that difficult to just look at different pages to make a comparison:

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I do think a filter would be great; however, I also know that it’s not trivial development work. I don’t even know if the various store entries have the yoyo stats stored in a uniform database structure to create that sort of filter.

But it would be fun. “Give me all yoyos that are currently in stock, with a diameter between 55 and 77mm, and a weight no more than 66g”.

Could totally be useful.

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Thats what I think

Yes :slight_smile:

How about one like YoyoNation used to have? I liked that. You could select yoyo’s and compare the different orthographic views, as well as specs and stuff.

Definitely in the works! :wink: