Shopping Site Improvement - "Compare" and "Wish List"


Suggest the ability to compare yoyos side by side - pictures and dimensions.
Also how about a “wish list” so someone looking for gifts can find what’s wanted (i.e. like amazon) and so you can save stuff other than in your cart.

(YoYoBlaze) #2

That’s similar to the thing at, and I agree.


i like that idea!


yea comparing a yoyo you may want to a yoyo you have is very helpful


I really wish they could even just set it so that you can get two pictures of the YoYos side by side that are to scale (or to a scale of some sort) so that you can compare size and what not. When I first bought my PGM I actually was like “Wow, this is small” because the pictures made it look so huge. Plus it gives yoyoers a nice chance to kinda figure out how something will fit in their hand. I don’t know anyone else locally who throws so I don’t have a chance to try an 888 or a Superstar or any other expensive yoyo. The only way I can try it is if I buy it and hopefully like it.

That being said I just bought a DV888 and protostar which are both very different from a grind machine and I like both of them~!