shop by size ?


I know I can’t be the only one … sometimes I just like to look for something in a particular size and don’t want to start a thread asking which yo-yos diameters are 50mm or 52mm etc… Just saying that it would make searching a lot easier.

My suggestion for this year lol

I am sure someone has suggested this in the past.

(Owen) #2

This sounds helpful, but you could just use the forums to ask “can you name a few undersized yoyos?”

It would be convenient though.


Or you could just do the tiniest bit of research for yourself. Pretty much just click and read, bro.


yea but i am lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding …

i posted this as a site improvement … something that they might want to do in the future … cus it will be a faster way for yoyoexpert to take my money!!! lol

also sorting by weight is another option …

although i have noticed that its more about how the yoyo distributes the weight … i have played with heavier yo-yos… that feel lighter when you throw … same with lighter yo-yos … which feel heavier when you throw … etc…


I fully support this. Just like how car part sites always have a few drop downs on the left to narrow down the parts for your car, or Best Buy has the same to narrow down types of electronics, it would be great to be able to narrow yoyo choices within the store pages by price, size, and weight.

Not that it’s a major problem having to look through, but hey, if it makes it easier for me to find something I simply must own…all the better for YYE.

I like it.


sweet yea… you know exactly what I am talking about … and great example too. I think it would work out in favor for yoyoexpert tbh … i can see maybe 2 or 3 years ago … maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference but nowadays … there are so many companies and new releases … and you forget about something that came out a few months ago and maybe that was what you wanted … etc…

you can track down your size and figure out which yo-yos are available in that size and decide what you want … sorting by $ to get the best deal etc…

hope more see this point of view ;D

i know you can ask on the forums but this just speeds up the process … and you get to check out whats available here on yoyoexpert … what others suggest might not be available here.


You could say the same for anything else that you can narrow searches down by. IMO it’d be better than the option to look for yoyos by skill level.


I’m working on a free database I intend to give away that tracks dimensions for the purposes of shopping/comparison, as well as other stats for maintenance and support.

It’s a matter of the current storefront software really isn’t set up to handle these kind of queries. It could but it’s not yet. On top of that, almost all entries in whatever back-end would most likely have to be appended to fit certain categories. For example, it might just go “micro, undersized, full sized, over-sized” and numbers to show ranges. It won’t be perfect, but it will narrow the search parameters. But then does it need to go further? Bearing? Shape? Caps/no caps(does anyone care on this one?), width?

For me, I have preferences, but I gladly shop outside my preferences. In fact, I often shop without taking my preferences into consideration. But, I know that a lot of people really like to stay within their target zones. This would help.


So if someone new to the yoyo world decides they want a 54mm throw that weighs between 64 and 66g, your suggestion is for them to click on every single yoyo in the shop and read the specs? Clearly it would be dead simple to have a few sliders to narrow down choices. Size and weight would be ridiculously easy to integrate and most other hobby sites have incorporated such methods to help people find the equipment they want.


Looking forward to that database studio!!! Btw is it the one you mentioned on facebook?