A bit of website feedback

Yo y’all crushing it but here are a couple things about the site that I have found myself wishing for.

The main thing that would help me is a button to click under the shop drop down menu that says all yo-yos. Then I could see everything available and use the filters and sorting to find what I want/ browse easier.

Another thing that would help is to update the a-z brands. Some brands on there are defunct and you click an brand and it shows no yo-yos. There are also brands y’all sell that are not in the brands lists. I just tried to find sense Yoyo or Yoyo sense and I know y’all carried the anti-mono and couldn’t find either of those names or the brand under the a-z brand options.

Neither of these things are detrimental to my shopping experience but would be nice to have and don’t seem like huge asks but maybe they are idk what the backend looks like.

It would also be super sick to have stat filters when browsing yo-yos on the site. Like if I could filter out yo-yos by price, width, diameter, weight, material, bearing size (in the market for a size D bearing Yoyo and this was my inspiration for the topic), that would be awesome! I realize this is a much bigger task and I don’t know what it would take for y’all to achieve that, but it would definitely be easier to browse through all the yo-yos y’all have available to try to find yo-yos within the range I’m searching for.

If y’all leave it the same that’s cool. These aren’t big problems or problems at all really…just a few things I’ve found myself wishing for. Happy post nats and take care yye team!


Search options for diameter and width would be cool. It might be a little rough to implement for the yoyos already listed. I actually thought the same thing before myself.


It would also be nice if they could fix the videos to learn tricks. Some of the tricks say “video unavailable”.


You can do all of this , you just need to search with the search bar empty. It will show everything and filters will be there .


That’s cool about the empty search bar to show everything! I didnt know that so thank you! This is sick so that I can look at everything but it doesn’t have filters for stats.