Size and Price options

i was wondering if it would be a good idea to organize the yoyos by weight in The shop section under the brands. Also would this work for shape? ???

I’d rather see them listed by name.

If we did that, we would have people asking what weight is the best.

Agreed, and I think that would be really dis-organized if YoYoExpert did that. And about Shmoe’s signature…Detroit already does, “Wha up bro dtroi homes tigrs, pstons”

Something I always wanted was a “find your yoyo” thing. You’d go there, and it’d be like weight. To the right of it, there’ll be lowest, highest, and you’d enter a number, like 60-70 grams. Then diameter. You can enter 50-55mm. Then width, you’d enter 40-43mm. Then response. There’ll be a drop-down menu, and you choose. Flow Groove, Pad, Starburst, Any. Then material, and price.

Obviously, there’ll be a checkbox next to everyone that will let you choose everything and anything.


Is it possible to search by diameter or weight?

Do you mean for the store?

It doesn’t appear that way. It will return a number of yoyos if you put in the word Diameter, but if you try to specify a size, as in Diameter 49.5 it returns the same results as if the 49.5 was not there.

I think for the YYE shop, there should be a Size option and price range option for narrowing down your search criteria. I have been looking through every yoyo just to see if they were undersized… The price option would also help me look for yoyos below 60$ for my friends

I was looking for a thread to add to, since your ideas are sort of inline with what I’m suggesting.

Looking at other sites, I think this would help. Of course, I don’t like using their bandwidth to research and then come here and buy… sorta not fair, but I’m sure we all do that.

1: Add a “by skill level” category. I know this can be somewhat arbitrary as some people won’t fully agree with the ratings. At the same time, a yoyo can be placed in multiple skill categories.
2: Add a “by style” category. Again, there might be some items showing up in multiple places. By “style”, I would specifically suggest the 1-5A styles. Newbies should get familiar with the styles. Sorry, it’s necessary. I did it, everyone probably has too.

I have other ideas, but it seems sort of a hassle. Bearing types(transaxle or ball bearing) is one idea. Shape is another one, but if you get familiar with the play styles, that isn’t so necessary. Right now I’m also buying inexpensive yoyos for example purposes, stuff that will be taken apart and displayed, not really played with, so having lots of variation helps. Stuff like shapes, materials, style-oriented yoyos, and stuff that looks cool all helps. Like I’m gonna buy a 4A yoyo, but I’m still learning beginner stuff. I just want to be able to show people a style specific yoyo like that.

Regarding price, I don’t think the OP’s price idea will be all that great until categories can be created to open up the sort parameters.

I think that there’s been other threads like this- I’ve always kind of liked this idea, and I think other ponies agree. It wouldn’t hurt anything if it existed, either.

As for classification i.e. beginner and so on, scroll down to the bottom of the main store page. It’s there you will find that already in use.

As for 1a and 5a categories. 99.9% of 1a yoyo’s are good for 5a.