shop by price option

I’m gonna keep this short and simple. I think yoyoexpert should have a shop by price range section because I’m on a budget and don’t want to look through every single developer for a decent yoyo under thirty bucks.

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I think this, with some tweaks, could be a valid option.

However, how should this be implemented? Would a pair of drop down menus with the price divided into $5 increments be a wise option, say from $10 to $100? That way you can pick an upper and lower limiters?

I know that you can do a sort by price, but it’s like you said, you have to go into each company’s section to get results.

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What I had in mind was two boxes where you could set your lowest and highest amounts and hit a submit button that would take you to said page

I think this would be a great idea as well, but then I think that perhaps this isn’t an option for a reason. Maybe, from a business standpoint, they want you to dig through all the products in the hopes that something more expensive will catch your eye? :smiley:

A general filter on the store would be great. Haveing a way to put in a price range, select all brands that you are interested in, or categories. Plenty of ways to filter and sort the store to make shopping easier.

But some profit is better than none and selling any yoyo would be better than a potential customer getting bored after hours of searching and buying nothing

From a business standpoint, I think that the price option makes more sense. I can oggle over that stacked catalyst as much as I want, I still can not afford it. However get me looking at yoyos with a twenty to thirty cap and I can oggle and buy.
One twenty dollar and one thirty dollar yoyo still doesn’t equal a seventy dollar yoyo. If I buy a twenty dollar yoyo and have thirty dollars, there’s always string, response, and bearings.

A drop down menu with $5 increments would make the list way too long. I propose we do $10 dollar increments because it will let us see more results with less clicks.

Why a drop down list? Why not type in the min and max in a text box?

That’s what I was saying I totally agree

i think it would be cool