Shop Organization

If this site would add this improvement to the shopping section of the site, it would be great:

In the “Shop” section of the site, all the items should have the yo-yos listed first, then the accessories (which the site already does). However, the yo-yos should be in order from least expensive to most expensive. Then the least expensive accessories to the most expensive accessories. I found that the site sometimes scatters the yo-yos listed by price.

I believe yoyos are generally listed by manufacturer, and within that category probably by newest release.

I think if the shopping site had an option to sort by “availability” within brands, I’d save a few keystrokes (not to mention momentary dashed hopes)!

I think the site is fine and everyone is just lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

zzzZZZzzzz…I’m not lazy…zzzZZZZZZzzzzzz…Oh hi…zzzZZZZzzzz…would you please find the BEST yo for me…zzzZZZZzzzz…??? what have you been doing? Sheesh I don’t wanna do it myself!! ;D

Seriously, I really find this site to be easy to navigate. I don’t know that any amount of extra features would help someone find what they wanted if they didn’t already have an idea of what they liked. Looking at some different yoyos, prices, and features could actually contribute to the learning process. That’s just my thought.


Yes, thanks. In the menu on the LHS the yoyos are listed as:

Which pretty much divides them up by price.


My experience on the internetz is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online store configurations, and each has some attractive and not so attractive features. Going with one or another will always leave out a feature someone finds desirable. This is not to say that people should not make suggestions, just that not everyone will be totally enamored with whatever someone chooses to do.

YYE is still ten times betta that all other sites. Like totally. Duh. ;D

I’m not lazy. :cry: I’m just slow spirited