Just some ideas...


So I love this website but there are a couple things that I personally think would be nice to have.
I am a very budget conscious yoyoer, as many of us are. I know what I’m willing to spend but not always sure what is available. I think it would be nice to have a way to shop ALL yoyos of all of brands you provide by price in ascending or descending order. This would allow for people to see what is available in their personal price range.

I know this has been mentioned before but possibly a review section under each yoyo/ product, that way if someone wants to leave comments they could.

Just a couple things that I think would be nice. Great website and forum already, but it could be a possible addition to it…


For the price range thing, I don’t know if it’s available on the mobile app but on the actual website highlight “SHOP”, highlight “YOYO BY CATEGORY”, and personally I choose advanced. You should see about 5 pages of yoyos, and drop boxes right on top of where it starts showing yoyos. From the left drop box choose price, in the middle drop box choose either ascending or descending based off of your preference, and click go. You’ll be able to see EVERY yoyo for ALL price ranges within the 5 pages.


PERSONALLY, I think it would be nice to see all of them in a single place without the different categories (that’s just me).

Also I like to use the mobile app for the forums because it is convenient for a few minutes here, few minutes there. I want to be able to thank people for stuff that is helpful. Is there a way to do that? Probably is but I’m not seeing it :wink:


Don’t use the app so I don’t know about all the features or what it is missing. My guess is that the html rendered on a PC is much richer than what’s in the app. Just a fact of life. (personal rather than official position)


At the top of each entry, you should see a “Thank You” option with a star next to it. I’m using the app on iOS now and I just did it for your post. I hope this helps and is what you meant. :peace_symbol: