Kinda far out, but. Search yoyos by preference!!!

yoyoexpert could put yoyos in certain categories, then you could fill out, like, shape, weight, size, price range, etc. And it matches the yoyos that fit the most to your preferences!!!

I know, that would be cool, but I like Yoyoexpert the way it is. Andre does a good job keeping this site nice and clean. :wink:

so, just because it’s nice now, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved?

That would actually be really great for people deciding on what throw to get. And they could choose different weights/shapes that they like and it could give you a selection of yo-yos that fit your preferences, then maybe another selection that fits them all but 1 or something.

That would actually be pretty possible, I’ve seen online stores that have things like that before.