Enhancing search functionality

Currently, search seems pretty barebones limited only to keyword which is somewhat frustrating. I was browsing on [redacted]’s site and saw they have a nifty feature to filter your search strictly by yoyo weight/diameter/width using a specified range.

It was useful b/c I could easily search for a type of yoyo (e.g. small to mini sized yo-yos, say 35mm - 49mm) without needing to know the exact name of a particular yoyo.

With YoYoExpert having a gazillion yoyo offerings, the ability to narrow a search based on a size, weight, shape, color, price, material, etc. would save a lot of time and effort. For instance, I could easily find all titanium yoyos, or perhaps all aluminum yoyos in the $50 range that come in black. This way I could see what my options are and it would also help to discover yoyos that weren’t on my radar.



Yes. Part of the reboot this fall! :star_struck:


Good idea. I’ve been meaning to find this yoyo I could never find the name of but somehow know the exact dimensions.