Product searches


-adding the ability to sort all yo-yos by “responsive”, “unresponsive”, or “both”.
-adding the ability to sort all yo-yos by diameter.
-adding the release date or post date to each yo-yo’s page.

Great job on the entire site by the way!


Thanks for the input Rick!

We’re planning to overhaul the whole site soon and those are a few of the features we were talking about introducing.

is there also going to be a search bar so you can search for anything on the site?

The search function has an option to search the store OR the forum. The top far RHS search button has a drop down with both options. This is at the very top, just under the YoYoExpert logo, not the one on the forum menu bar.

thank you jhb, i never noticed that

I second these ideas

I would love to see a feature which can hide all yoyos which are out of stock.