size comparisons

this sight should add a pix of yoyos on the shop section where the yoyo is next to a ruler or something. knowing the actual size is different from seeing it. do it kinda like the way the mighty flee is done.

We have the specifications on every yoyo page.

Yes, under the yo-yo has the length and width. I don’t think we need this, but it is a good idea.


the exact size’s are helpful but you should make them either all metric (preferred) or all empirical. currently some yoyos are measured in millimeters (again, preferred) and others in inches. if the site just used consistent units of measure it would help to make comparisons.

yeah but i am saying if you see the stats of a yoyo, that is one thing, but if u see the actual yoyo, it never looks the exact way you would have thought.

But they provide you with pictures of the yoyo above…

but that is on a black back round. i am asking to have it next to a ruler so we can phisicaly see the size. i read the stats and looked at the pictures, but when i got my DV888, i was shocked at how small it seemed.