Compare size?

How about a feature that allows us to compare the diameter/with to other yoyos in form of actual pictures? Like the compare button at yoyoguy, but with actual size. I would like this option because I don’t know exactly how big a millimeter is, so It would help to see how big a yoyo is compared to actual yoyo’s you have before buying (especially when buying over/mini sized yoyos)

For Example:
Except with the two yoyos lined up, and with the actual diameter/with (I’m really stressing on actuality)

(Lol freehand MG)

I think that’s an awesome idea, to be honest; any sort of comparison tool would be a nice improvement.

This would be a bit difficult to do. Scaling images to actual size is not trivial for most people. And the veiwers screen resolution will also have an effect on the final result as seen by the viewer.

Actually if you set the images to specific sizes they don’t change with resolution.

That’s partially correct. An image that’s declared as 640 pixels by 480 pixels will always remain that size. However, different resolutions on a single screen display more or less pixels within the same amount of space, meaning that images will appear to be smaller or bigger depending on the resolution.

Example: Such a picture on a screen with a resolution of 640 by 480 would occupy the whole screen. However, change the resolution to 1280 by 960 and the picture will only occupy 1/4 th of the screen, which would still be the 640 by 480 pixels.

The only solution I can think of off the top of my head is having some kind of script or something that detects your screen resolution and gives you measurements based on that.

I agree, I can make an image of a set size and change the resolution, and on my screen it will be the same, only grainier if I lower the resolution of the image, but if I view the same image on a different size screen it will be a different size.

I love the yoyoguy specs comparison system and the size illustrations. I’ve often used it as a reference to gage various yoyos I may be interested in (compared to ones I am familiar with). Awesome tool.

As Andre hasn’t got around to updating older yoyos (still listed on the site only in imperial) it’s been helpful. Side by side comparison of photos and specs are great too.

Size comparison could be implemented fairly easily in flash. Such a thing would probably require a database backend though. Starting such a project from scratch if that resource isn’t already available is some work.

there should also be actual size pics

Read the above posts - The size of an image is dependent on the viewers screen resolution. So it’s not practical to do given the range of resolutions people use.