It was wider online!!

I find myself often wondering what a yoyo looks like in person as far as real width and other stats, i see one online and think “wow, thats crazy wide!” then i see it in person and think “my eyes deceive me”. Well using your nifty zoom funtion you can match up a yoyo you already have and get a pretty good idea of how the shape of a yoyo or how wide or whatever actually is (or close). I matched up a few of mine (on yyf’s site) and they were spot on at 43% zoom. Interesting!

this may also have to do with the lens used to photograph the yo-yo. the lens used here seems a bit wide. if a longer lens were used, the yo-yo would appear less distorted, giving a truer representation.

Oh I guess I never even thought of it that way. I really do wish there was a better representation of how a yoyo actually looks Online though. I really think it would make buying them soo much easier. At least for me. Throwing them is one thing but super spot on pictures would be one step closer to having them in yOur hands.

Yea i always thought the code one was extremely wide but after i actually got to use one in person it wasn’t super wide at all.

For sure. Same with the super g for me. I thought it was going to be mega thin but it turned out to be actually perfect for me. I know that stats are posted and all but sometimes you just need a little bit mOre I guess.

I’m not really ever surprised anymore. I have enough references to know exactly what a given width and diameter is going to be like.

Weight is still the tricky one for me. The feel of the throw can just be all over the place and you never know if a 68 gram throw is going to end up floaty or a lighter throw is going be a rock on a string.


when in doubt, use a ruler.
As far as floatiness/rock-on-a-stringiness, yeah, you won’t be able to tell that until you throw it. The PSG feels much heavier than my revenger, even though it 2 1/2 grams lighter.

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Well, you know what they say, the internet adds 10 grams/10mm!

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I thought the SPYY pro was a lot wider than I thought. Once I got one my uncertainty of whether I’d like it went away.

yea the spyy pro looks VERY wide!

This is why specs are so important. First thing I look at is diameter. 50mm or 54 or 56 or whatever will tell me how far my fingers are going to wrap around it. Width to me is only as important as it square ratio. I may be wrong but I think im the only one who looks at the square ratio. The square ratio is deducted by diam. - width. A 50mm x 50mm is perfect square ratio (however impractical). But lets take a code 2 for example. 56mm diameter and 44mm width gives it a square ratio of 12. Most newer yoyos I’ve seen are right in the 11 to 13 range. Older 4+ years ago a lot of yoyos were 13 to 16 and some even beyond that. Its weird how the further along we get the more wider the yoyos get. I prefer a wider yoyo then most and typically look for yoyos with a square ratio between 5 and 10, although I do love my code 2 ;D. Im not a professional so if you don’t agree thats ok, I was just stating this because I dont use pictures to determine how wide it is but rather what its square ratio it is. Pictures for me are what colorway do I want.

Lens choice, without a doubt. The wider the lens, the more distortion present.

Funny. … Anyways … It would be cool to have like a 3d model to rotate n stuff… n also a way to compare two side by side or however you want to compare them…

Compare something you have with something you want to buy … Side by side with 3d graphics lol so you can tell exactly where one is bigger than the other. .

My first metal was a G5 and when I got it I did the same thing, Y is this thing so skinny?

These days I look at the specs from Yoyos I do have and compare them to the ones online, works best for me.