So i’ve been working out some math stuff as far as the weight of a throw in comparison to its dimentions and i keep crunching these numbers together and get results. but… not really sure whta its telling me. Also, i do have all of these except for the genesis and new breed but ive thrown them so i do have an idea of how they throw. heres some stats…





92.05-genesis plus


83.44-lyn fury

86.51-new breed

so. the first number with a point is (width/diameter)
the second is (diameter/width)
the number next to the throw name is [weight/(width/diameter)]

again in that order this is what i think.
the first nmber is giving me size ratio.
the second, also a size ratio.
the number next to the throw is what i think im looking for. the heft of the yo when you throw. AS this number goes up the throw feels more solid, or heavy.

So…if someone would like to explain to me what i have here thatd be great! And i guess what im looking for is a golden ratio formula to use to pre explain to yourself how heavy a yo will feel before you throw it. becaseu lets face it we cant actually use every throw we want. also, i know. shape will have alot to do with it but roll with me on this one. THANKS GUYS!

there is none.

Wow. Productive answer.

All I can say is this:
(I have a document that contains specs on all my yoyos, part of a bigger project)

With the larger yoyos I have(OK, the largest is currently a DM2 and the heaviest, I’m new, but I got stuff coming on soon), with the weight spread out over a larger area, it actually feels light. At 69 grams, I’m told this is on the heavier side of things.

My ONE, with a mere 56.5 grams, but a size fairly close to that of my DM2, feels like it’s nothing. But we are talking about 13 grams of difference. Granted, my hands aren’t that sensitive to notice small changes though, bit it feels weightless.

My Aoda Little Guy feels heavier. Being metal, it makes sense, but it’s not. At 54.8 grams, due to it’s small size, it is perceived by my hand to be heavy. Until I actually looked at my numbers before typng this up, I never would have bothered to really care.

The YYF Mighty Flea(version 2) is coming in at a lightweight 49 grams, but in my hand, it feels much heavier, perhaps because so much is in such a small package. It’s definitely dense.

I do notice stuff in mics. Handhelds all hold about the same dimensions, but weight can vary. However, weight and quality don’t have any sort of correlation. They are what they are. But since the “hold” is essentially the same, it’s easier to judge weight. But I also got some weird mics that some of you wouldn’t think are mics by their appearance, and mics in all shapes and sizes. Limiting to items with handheld usage as an intended option, AND wired, still, weight varies.

Interesting. And I guess in the end another way I can Sum it all up is to say what functions can you do before you buy a throw to GUESS how floaty it MAY play.

For mics, I buy based on specs, needs and sometimes trends. There’s a few mics I want to get because they’ll actually help attract business, plus they are great mics that I actually have a use for.

For yoyos, right now I’m only about 4 months of doing this and SLOWLY progressing. I have money to spend. I work hard for my money, and so I want to “play hard”. Yoyos are fun, I’ll buy yoyos. I take my family to Disneyland. At least I’m not into motorcycles or muscle cars. YoYos are a quite a bit more affordable.

I’m learning. I like clean lines and simple designs. Case and point, the DM2 I have is nice and simple. The Speeder is even “cleaner” from a point of view of lines. Talking with others on the IRC channel, I see that there may be something to my choices based on shapes only. I am too new to have enough knowledge to make an educated guess as to how a yoyo will perform because I’m still learning anything and everything. I notice what I can notice based on what I have though, but it’s not enough to be conclusive. I do notice my ONE is a faster mover than my DM2. However, I also keep my ONE responsive and my DM2 unresponsive for now.

Clean lines, feels good in the hand. Those are the most important things right now for me. But yes, later on, I want to be able to figure out how things play based on specs. Many of the other shapes just aren’t pleasing to my eye. I know this is sounding like picking a car or something, but hey, we all have choices. I like the shape of the ONE over the shape of the WHIP, but I’m ordering a WHIP soon anyways. I have lots of stuff I’m about to buy and order. The only way to learn this stuff is first-hand.

Hey who likes yoyoing,
Pretty fun.
You know.

I do. but i cant throw all the time and when im sitting in school and have a physics project i think why not do it about something i enjoy, and while im at it ill share it with the people who also might think its interesting. obviously not you. so?

just saying, there’s more that goes into the feel of a yoyo than just the diameter vs weight or the width vs weight.
How the yo is shaped, and where the weight is places determines how it feels.
That’s why something like a crucial jirorian (being quite heavy and excessively large diameter) can feel light on the string, whereas a pgm (being average weight and diameter) feels heavy.

There’s no golden ratio you can come up with to estimate how a yoyo will feel without using it, or knowing the exact weight distribution throughout it.

I agree with Jayyo from the stand-point of this is something that I am doing for fun and I enjoy it. I’m new and suck at it right now, but hey, that’s why I’m doing this: for fun.

I also agree with you. If you’re going to do a project, it might as well be about something you enjoy. You’ll learn more, it will stick with you better rather than being some sort of school chore. I try to steer things towards audio production or computers since those are things I enjoy(and do for a living).

I think this would be an interesting project. Getting specs is one thing. Getting more “empirical data” might be a bit more challenging. How about a throwing machine on a bearing so you can see how fast or slow it takes to toss a yoyo around in a circle. How many G’s are generated by this throw and how does that relate to the specs. It could be quite interesting. I hope you have a high speed camera and something that can measure time accurately.

Oh, and what about weight distribution… there’s another thing to consider.

Right now I’m in a bit of a spending mode. Need to expand the collection try out new things, learn more and have fun.

You’re gonna need more yoyos, that’s for sure. If you’re near me, maybe I can swing by, we can do test throws with my stuff for your measurements and analysis and then we part ways again.