side by side comparisons.

I used to love the side by side comparisons on yoyonation that you could do of multiple throws. This made it a lot easier to compare throws and make decisions on buying choices. Do you think you would ever make that an option here on yoyoexpert?

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Speaking as a layman - I like that.

Sounds nice.

This would be nice. But if you have windows 7 you can just open two windows with a picture of the yoyo. Then put them side by side.

Yeah, I liked that about YYN

I used to love that about yyn. Definely should add this feature

+1 here.

The typical way sites do it these days is when you’re browsing an item, you can click an “add to comparison” button (usually up to a maximum number). Then when you’re ready, you click the “compare” button and X# are brought up side-by-side in a chart.

Yes please.

This would be a wonderful improvement. It is hard to compare pictures in your mind.