Why must we do this?!

Hello everyone,

I came across a thread these days that mentioned the following text, not exactly these words, but…:
“Don’t get the Dark Magic if you’ve had only a few yoyos until now, it is best to buy another type and then buy a DM”.

Now I wanna know why we must have a lot of yo types before we get a DM,

I mean, DM is Ajustable, it is good, it has good weight, blablabla… What is wrong with it?

Do we need to try every kind of material, like Plastic Wood Metal Silicone and whoknowswhat more?




you dont have to. do whatever pleases you. if you think the dark magic would be good for you(and you can bind) then you should get it.

you dont NEED to try every material or response type, but if you do then you will have a good idea of what you like in a yoyo.

That’s the answer I was looking for, thank you I hadn’t thought about that.



Some people are jealous of others and don’t like people getting a good yoyoer that is better than theirs, or people getting a good yoyo earlier on then them. Just ignore them.

OK :smiley: