Dark magic

Bought the Dark Magic 2 would like to know if it was worth it ??? I am an intermediate according to this site :slight_smile:

Well, what do you think about it?

It’s a great yoyo. Don’t worry I’m sure you will love it. Plays really well.

I love mine and still play it frequently even though it is crazy beat up. But we can’t really tell YOU how YOU like YOUR yoyo. But I think it is definetly worth it due to low cost and that it is so long spinning and rather stable. My only complaint would be that the plastic friction makes the string rub thus making it spin out sooner. And maybe that it doesn’t grind well(I never grind so this isn’t a big issue, I just use it to demonstrate often and people love seeing grinds)

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I am an intermediate too and I bought the dm 2 and I love it!

Honestly u can do every trick u will ever learn with it if u like it then it was the right choice it’s a great throw that’s properly made and it shows by how many people like it