What yoyo should I buy?

I just got a Duncan Mosquito for Christmas and I found out I really like yoyoing! My favorite trick (right now) is around the world. I think different sleeper, and freehand, tricks look really cool. But doing sleepers is really difficult with the Mosquito (and my friction stickers are worn out). Yoyo’s I’m thinking about getting are the Duncan Freehand and the Duncan Metal Drifter. I don’t care if the yoyo is Duncan or not, that’s just the kind of yoyo that I have now.

Got a darkmagic ii and follow the tuts in this site .

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Awesome! Thanks! I just looked up the Dark Magic 2 on Amazon and it sounds really good! My only question is whether it can sleep well.

And don’t get either of those yoyos you mentioned until you get a little better.
A DM2 will get you anywhere.

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It can sleep great, and it’s available via this very web site:

If you don’t mind an all plastic version, might I suggest the Legacy II. Nearly all the performance, but at a lower price with really no compromise:


YoYoExpert runs a store. Buy from here and get tremendous support for your purchases, as well as world class customer service. You’re not getting something pulled buy a person rushing to stuff things in boxes from a warehause like you would with Amazon. All YYE orders are packed by fellow yoyo and skill to enthusiasts. While it is the same product, it’s best to support where you come for information and help whenever possible.

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Thank you everyone! I just bought a Dark Magic 2 and a Duncan Freehand Zero. I can’t wait for a chance to use them!

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Get a Freehand, its a great yoyo (for me). It got me through the beginner’s section until now (advanced part 1). I dont normally use it now because i already have a Legacy. While I’d normally recommend the FHZ because of the positive reviews its getting, i cant because i dont have that but im willing to buy it someday. DM II is my dream yoyo, thought i’d buy it together with the Classic and the FHZ next year.

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A dark magic is perfect. Don’t order from amazon, get it here :wink:
The dm2 can sleep just fine, considering Ican pull off nearly any combo on it that Ican my code 2. Pick that up, a bottle of thin lube, and 100 polyester strings, and you’ll be good to go!