Why me!!!!

Well yesterday I placed an order on a Fool’s gold avalanche, 100% poly strings, and yoyoexpert yoyo bag that adds up to $160.00+. Now, I get an email about discounts and dissapointed :(.

Well the same thing happened to me for a 4th of july sale (I got some stuff the 3rd of july) and I mentioned it to yoyoexpert when I contacted them for a completly diffrent question and they said that they would give me the discount that I would have recieved (about 16 dollars total) on my next order…put simply…THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Since yours was the next day as well they might give you that discount. My order was a big one as well, close to that 160 that you placed.

O really. Yoyoexpert always had excellent costumer services. One time, my order hasnt came for over a month because of a strike that the postal was having in Canada. I contacted yoyoexpert and they replied back ASAP with the reasons why it was delayed. Later that week, I received my order and I was satisfied.

I’m not sure that you can top yoyoexpert’s customer service…at all. They are wonderful.

We need to talk, thanh48.

Look at those exclamation points. All four of them.

Look at them again. Now, again. See anything wrong yet? If not, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. If so, read on anyways.

Look. Guess what kind of number four is? Don’t overthink it, or give an excuse, because whether you knew it or not it is even.

Do you know how horrible having an even numbers of exclamation points is? Unspeakably horrible.

At least you didn’t use five, or I would have really been upset.

I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Oh noooozzz!!!

Multiple exclamation points is a sign of insanity… lol

Your 13 years old. I’m 19 years old. Fair enough. If you want everyone to use proper punctuation, go to youtube and let’s see what happens. :smiley: