Why losing all your yo-yo's is a good thing!

So, almost my entire yo-yo collection was recently destroyed in a flood, which was horrible but on the bright side, also pushed me back into yo-yoing again. While going through the rusted corpses of all my old yo-yo’s for the insurance it brought back memories of the last contest I was at.

WI states in 2009! Yay!

Its been forever, and the video of my performance is a little embarrassing now, but I had so much fun! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the guy (who’s name I forget, sorry :-[ ) that pulled out an electronic keyboard and did his routine to the auto beats track. Or talking to Zammy about moebius while he took video’s of everyone’s best M. Tricks…

All my yo-yo’s might have been destroyed, but it brought me back to yo-yo. I just got my new YYF Whip in the mail. Its green and looks awesome with pink string. I’m calling it the watermelon. :smiley:

Once the insurance money comes in we will see about something more serious, but in the mean time, its great to throw again!

I guess starting over can be a good thing.

Would it be possible to see photos of the damage? I’m thinking replacing some axles might be all that’s needed on many items. Of course, a good cleaning would be in order as well.

It’s spelled lose. L-o-s-e. Loose refers to a lack of tightness. There is no conjugation of lose that would ever make it “loose”.

But, back on track, how damaged are the yoyos? In most cases, there’s not much you can do to “destroy” a yoyo aside of running it over with a truck.

And, it’s great that your interested in yoyos is rekindled, but it’s probably annoying that now that you’re into yoyos again, you don’t have any to use…

yeah im with studio. Aluminum doesn’t rust. A new bearing and a new axle could cure everything potentially… depending on what the damage was like obviously.

But I agree that starting over is good! sometimes i feel like selling all my yoyos and starting over again for fun… and i may do that some day

I don’t have any pics right now, sorry. I did look into repairs. All the bearings are rusted to immobility and the axles would also need to be replaced. the side caps (for all the old Duncan’s) were toast. I think I’ll probably be able to salvage most of the collection with a little cash. Luckily my higher end stuff, (Superstar and a few others) missed the water. Once I get the insurance money for the yo-yo’s and other flood damage, I hope to rebuild the fleet. Also I think I’d like to get something new probably around the $50 range. I was thinking DV888 but haven’t decided for sure yet.

True, Fixed.

Yeah you can buy bulk bearing and have those things up and running for cheap. Look into buying tube’s of bearings. :wink:

I’d look into getting plastic hard cases with gasket seals, and then engraving or carving your name onto the case, along with a metal tag with your information engraved on it attached to these cases.

If you’ve been flooded before, you’ll flood again(hopefully not for a very long time). Identify your stuff and keep it safe is the first step towards long term safety, aside from moving to higher ground!

I’ve got to count yoyos this weekend to determine how many cases I need to buy. These Stanley cases just don’t have the capacity to justify the space they are sucking up.

This makes him feel a lot better…

I was at the new Academy Sports and Outdoors place, and for $40 you can get a Waterproof gun case, with the foam in. It’s a little tall, so you can cut a hole to the bottom and put two yoyos in each hole.

They had so many gun cases that were perfect for yoyos.

There’s an idiot in Los Angeles County who built his house on the edge of a cliff. When the rains would get heavy and you’d hear of a house that collapsed off the edge of a cliff? It was that guy. His response “We will rebuild”. And he does, and then 2-3 years later, history repeats itself. And again “we will rebuild”.

Finally, his insurance said "oh no you ain’t, at least not on the edge of a cliff’. The guy has built more in-land this time. But the clock is still ticking.

The point is that if you live in an area that’s subject to a certain type of natural disaster, they tend to happen again. Getting people to confront the reality of their situation is key for them to deal with it properly. I live in the Sacramento Valley, most of which is a bit below sea level. I am technically in a flood plain. I have my yoyos in a bin that will float. That should buy me some time!

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I lost my torrent 2 at air rifle para rice good thing my friend who does it next night picked it up and put it in my air rifle case. I will get it back next week! Or wensday!

I’m pretty sure he would have known about flooding issues when he purchased or started living there.

For example, if you’re going to live near an active volcano, chances are you’re going to have volcano insurance, no? Or rather, you live near the volcano but refuse to acknowledge its existence then maybe it would make “make him feel a lot better…” had somebody told him the problem was there?

But I digress

Sometime losing your stuff and starting over can be a good thing, at least for hobbies. I’m sorry to hear about your house flooding. And welcome back!

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