Lost majority of yoyos due to flood :(

Well guys, I’m from Louisiana and Isaac just came through and tore us a new one. The cops came to my door at 12:30 am the night before last and told us we had to leave the area was flooding. We grabbed the important stuff, which of course included my shinier metal yoyos. Alas, not all of my collection was able to be saved. So…atm i’m in the market for a few differen’t things.

solar/solar plus
jet set
possibly a rextreme if its a good deal
really any wider delrin 4a yoyo

As far as 1a yoyos go I was able to save most of my good ones but of course there are a few i’m wanting

Ilyy Lio
offer anything (i’m into small to midsize yoyos, ussually dig more bubbly rounded shapes and i like the heavier side of the weight spectrum. also nothing with a monster huge YYF gap please.

Thanks ahead of time fellas, hopefully i can get my collection up to par. At least i have a few of my metals left.

Moral of the story is don’t underestimate mother nature…I didn’t think it would be that bad and lsost probly a couple grand worth of yoyos :frowning:

Sorry to hear about that! I’m from Louisiana too but from New Orleans so we didn’t get flooding; just rain and wind. Sorry man

Really sorry for your loss. So often we sit and watch the news and feel detached.
“Wow, that story about that storm looked scary! Hon, is there any of that lasagna left?”
We lose track of these are real people losing true treasures. Hope our community can assist in rebuilding your yo quiver.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I haven’t even been back to my house yet, it’s still flooded. Mainly want to replace my 4a throws. I can deal with not having the 1a’s a lost cause I have some nice metal left but man oh man do i miss my 4a.

I feel your pain brother. Had 3 feet of water in my garage for 2 days last year and it was a mess. Wish you the best of luck getting back.

I feel sorry for you bro, hope everything is alright. Atleast everybody was safe.

Man that sucks if I had and of those yo-yos I would sell them to you or trade them to you but i don’t have them :frowning:

Sorry for the damage man. I live in BR and all we got was a ton of rain and wind.

Good luck getting back your collection!

I really hope the community pulls together here and helps you replace some of your collection.


Oh something reminds me if the yoyos are metal wouldn’t they rust in the rain? And forget that the string may not be so good after that so even if you get the original yoyos wouldn’t they be In really bad shape?

That’s why he’s looking for yoyos.

Aluminum doesnt rust. Jus’ sayin’