3 yoyos for sale. Dream, Pivot and replay. Lots of string. 45 shipped or B.O


I know I just got into this hobby but I have realized it’s just not for me. Yoyoing is cool but I do regret buying these and should of put the money into my gaming stuff instead.

I have here 3 yoyos. A plastic responsive replay, a pink/purple YYF aluminum dream & a Pivot.

They are all in great shape. I am not an expert in yoyos but they look to be on fantastic shape. No dings, flat spots, no scratches.

I am including lots of string. I believe there are 25 pieces. The brighter green is kitty nylon 1.5

Could use the extra cash. 45 or best offer.


Bump. Will listen to offers


Bump accepting offers. Want gone on friday

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