Why is YYJ the only company that sells thin lubricant.

Is it some patent or just that the other companies dont think its worth it selling another thin lube.

I think other companies should. I think Samad once said (correct me if I’m wrong) that it would be like “reinventing the wheel,” but if everyone thought like that then we wouldn’t have all the yoyos we have now.

There are a lot of safety laws governing what can and cant be sold with a ‘toy’ like a yo-yo. Basically most oils are toxic, or at least not good for you when consumed orally, which is one of the standards that must be met.

Last time I was in China I got some Central Bearing Co samples of a new mix which is currently being tested for both performance and safety :slight_smile:

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Tell that to McDonald’s! Haha.

I guess it’ll be good to have a little competition.

There are plenty of suitable lubricants on the market. There’s nothing magic about YYJ thin lube. They no doubt buy it from some chemical company and package it under their own label. Yomega brain lube is made by Syncon, It’s their Super Lube product w/Yomega on the label. Look around and see what works. There’s a multitude of synthetic lubricants on the market - fishing reel oil, gun lube…

YYJ´s thin lube, is really good sinces its non toxic and synthic so you can get it on your hands and lick them and nothing bad will happen to you and its odorless, but petroleum based lube are very smelly and toxic. You can probably get a lube like that but it would take some time to test different lubes when you can simply order the YYJ thin lube.


I’ve seen a yomega bearing lube before :stuck_out_tongue:

Because yyj thin lube works so there is no reason to make anthor type of lube

But all the profit goes to yoyojam, so the other yoyo companies might want a share of that profit…

John from Terrapin has been experimenting with his Terrapin Bearing Juce. I won the first one on ebay and it’s excellent. he only sells it on ebay at the moment, but i’d definitely recommend trying it. i’m assuming he’ll put some more of it up for sale soon.

Do not get Yomega Brain Lube unless you want your yo-yo to be very responsive.

This lube will be nice for sure. This is so cool, a YYF lube.

It’s not synthetic. It’s organic.

I asked the same question a while ago.
Hope YYFs lube will be priced less YYJ for the same amount (oz)

It’s synthetic.

Organic? Vegetable oils aren’t suitable for decent temperature ranges and have poor oxidation resistance (it gums, turns rancid).

YYJ lube is either Ester or PAO.

Made of Olive Oil BS is probably because chemical basestocks derived from vegetable oils are used to make (di)ester synthetic lubricants.

Petroleum oils aren’t always smelly or toxic. They’re available in cosmetic & food grades, non-toxic, odorless, colorless.
(petroleum) mineral oils are used in your lotions, lip balms (cosmetics), shiny coating on your fruits, sold as laxatives in the pharmacy (which you drink).

Shouldn’t YYJ have an MSDS available?

This is an urban myth, and a fallacy to boot. Yes, if you drench your bearing in it, or most any commonly used lube, it will be responsive. But if used properly it will NOT. ::slight_smile: