Anybody know what's in thin lube?

We use it all the time, but what’s in it? For all we know it could be clear cooking oil. ???

From what I have heard it is mineral oil.

I don’t think they’ll say specifically.

I doubt you’ll be able to get the exact same thing from some consumer store.

It’s probably sourced/bought in large drums from some oil or lubricant company then rebottled into small dropper bottles.

If it’s mineral oil, then the bottle is labeled incorrectly since mineral oil is distilled from crude, bottle says “no petroleum distillates.”

I’d bet on white (colorless) synthetic oil offered in different viscosities.
Possibly food-grade.

Low viscosity oil for thin lube, probably recommended for machine spindles.
And high viscosity for thick lube.

I don’t know why other manufacturers (YYF, Duncan, etc) don’t come out with specific thin lubes.

Vegetable oil goes bad/rancid and gums.

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Because that would be putting money into something that has already become established in YYJs market.

Why re-invent the wheel? YYJ Thin Lube works well, and other companies know that.

Eh, that’s not how business works.

Cooling oil - NO.

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