I would like to ask you guys one question:

How do companies make specific lubes? The box on YYJ yo-yos say Use YYJ Lube only. I ordered some thin and it said this does not contain petroleum.

It’s hard to word it.

Well specific lubes do not contain certain stuff like water and stuff that they know will ruin your bearing. Thin lube is horribly thin compared to any alternative, and thick lube is just horribly thick and sticky.
We don’t know whats in them though. But im sure that someone CoughDrYoYoCough Sorry, soar throat. I’m sure that someone will be able to figure out whats in that stuff with some sciency stuff ::slight_smile:

there are only 3 main lubes,yomega,duncan,and the most popular, not all companies make specific lubes,but none of them will contain anyting that will ruin your bearing. :wink: