Thin Lube Alternative Must-not-have things

What must not be found in an alternative thin lube? I know you cant have water. What else

You’d want to stay away from water and petroleum. Music stores have some valve oil which is just as good as thin lube.

I use a petroleum lube in all of my yoyo’s. Thin too. I really should sell my lube! lol


I picked up somewhere that you shouldn’t use petroleum based lube, guess that was faulty information. The YYJ lube is petroleum free and I believe the same goes for valve oil.

The no petroleum thing is likely more because it is toxic stuff… 3in1 oil is petroleum based and works fine.

I could potentially see an issue if it were to react with certain types of plastic, but I’ve never seen this happen in yo-yos.

The yoyojam oil is completely non-toxic… I believe it’s derived from some sort of olive oil base. It’s actually edible even (I don’t recommend it, it tastes -awful-)

There are many non-toxic oils out there if you prefer, most work just fine.


You should use something that can be easily removed, just in case it gets too responsive.