anybody know what yyj thin grease is made of

anybody know what yyj thin grease is made of ???

No but its edible.

It’s 100% natural… I believe it’s an olive oil base of some sort (no, don’t go shooting kitchen olive oil into your bearings)… and yes, it’s “edible” but tastes -awful-


Protip: Just because something can be legally labeled as “non-toxic” does not make it edible, or even safe in relatively large quantities. Be careful what you ingest.

The question you should ask yourself is “hey, is this food?” If the answer is “no” then don’t put it in your cakehole. Order a pizza or something.

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Actually, when I was working at a very large yo-yo retailer, I was told quite specifically by yoyojam when they first released it, that it was in fact edible. We of course had to try it, that was a mistake… it’s awful.

Don’t eat your thin lube people, it’s just a bad idea… just one that shouldn’t actually hurt you.


I actually did try some thin lube yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:


There was a thread about this I’m prety sure. I’ll try to find it.

Someones dog got ahold of it, ate it. He tried some and figured it was non-toxic.

I wouldn’t have stated that unless I knew it wouldn’t hurt you. You must remember too much of anything going in your mouth is bad for you. You can even drink too much water. Yes you can.

Ok, man. It wasn’t a dig at you. I wasn’t accusing you of being a jerk or endangering people.

Still doesn’t change the fact that non-toxic does not equal edible, chemically or legally. That’s all I was saying. Unless YYJ comes out stating that the sole ingredient(s) of said lubricant are all FDA-approved foodstuffs, I wouldn’t go drinking it. :wink:

An excess amount of water intake (a condition medically known as hyper-hydration) is possible, you are right. It also depends on a ridiculous amount of factors being in place before it becomes an issue.

Warning, NerdWords Incoming: Normally, the primarily dangerous characteristics of excessive water intake is an electrolytic imbalance disturbing autonomous brain functions, and glomeruli (the capillary beds covered by the Bowman’s capsule) damage from excess kidney filtration. Obviously, both of these are potentially fatal. This is the bad stuff.

Unless you’re dealing with a professional athlete being stupid with their fluid intake, or people engaged in idiotic “water drinking contests” you should be alright. Still, I always find myself following the “8 x 8 water rule” religiously. :wink:

I believe that yoyojam thin lube is mineral oil, like baby oil. I don’t have any thin lube myself but other yoyo lubes I have seen are mineral oil as well. It is edible, some people use it as a laxative, but it’s a petroleum based oil so DO NOT ingest very much or very often or you risk serious health problems.
If you’re looking for some cheap lube do what I did: go to the grocery store and get a big ol’ bottle of mineral oil for dirt cheap, a little oiling bottle at the hardware store and boom, you have soem cheap ass lube.
As I said I don’t know for sure if yoyojam’s thin lube is mineral oil. Seeing as how mineral oil is petroleum based they might have made their lube out of some thing else to eliminate the risk of the lube disolving the plastic yoyos (although I havn’t had this problem).

Says right on the bottles: “No Petroleum Distillates”

how many people tasted their lube after reading this

I knew it wasn’t a dig at me. Its all good. Also I was just stating a ridiculous comment like that for fun. Even though it is technically true.

I wouldn’t go drinking a bunch of it but I’ve seen someone drink a whole bottle on a bet and he’s fine.

Hmm, no petrol, well that helps narrow it down a bit. Makes sense seeing as how almost all of yoyojam’s yoyo’s are plastic. The lube must be some kind of synthetic then, maybe silicon based, I’ve seen that used in paint-ball guns with plastic components; I’m sure I’ve accidentally ingested a bit of the dow-corning 33 that comes with Smart-Parts guns and I’ve never suffered any ill consequences for it.
Has anyone contacted yoyojam themselves for a definite answer? I know that some people have been able to get into direct contact with the company.

It doesn’t go very well with chicken, I can tell ya that.

Its good for a vinaigrette.