Why is the 888 so popular? And is it your favorite yoyo.

I have an 888, I have had one for a long time. It is not my favorite yoyo though. I love many of my other yoyos just as much, if not more.

Don’t get me wrong though, I really like my 888.

I got to say, Skylines are way smoother IMO.

i really don’t know because ive never had a 888. i hear there to over rated. later.

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IMO, they are anything but over-rated. Some are, but 888’s are really smooth. Think of ur DM…the 888 is double, or even as triple as smooth, lol.

The eight8eight will be my next yoyo. I think it’s so popular because it has been used by top yoyo players to win major contests as well as being one of the finest metal yoyo’s on the market today. YYF also created the “hubstack” system on their yoyo’s which allows the player to hold the spinning yoyo and perform additional tricks. The only YYF I own is a plastic grind machine, but I can say YoYofactory yoyo’s are the best I have played. I love YYJ’s and I play a Dark Magic/SpinFaktor HG substantially, but the PGM’s response, weight (customizable), and overall playability is amazing. The eight8eight is sought after because the reviews by its players are phenomenal, and it has been one of the fastest selling yoyo’s in recent years!

unresponsive play, a massive gap, small size, great shape, nice and heavy, i could go on but you catch my drift, this yoyo is amazing not just because its used alot but because it plays good and there are many editions that everyone can find one they like. is just one of those things that was just made so flawlessly that its a marvel that they can actualy make the ammount they do, and no im not biased and i dont thin the 888 is over rated.

I like the 888. Off topic ^^ user above me why do you like rock? please PM why.

I love the 888 and I use it like a third of the time. (mainly because of the hubstacks) I love the 888 though… But I love my KK DM

The 888 is my all time favorite yoyo. It
is realy smooth and it has long spin time and it
is my first yoyo with hub stacks. Hub stacks are awsome.

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you know this is like over a month old

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