Why is my yoyo not walking straight?

I just started yoyoing. I am beginner. While I was learning some tricks, I came across Walk the dog. When I tried it I noticed that my yo-yo is not walking straight. It just turns to one side and I mess up the trick. Any tips guys?


Is your yoyo spinning straight before it touches the ground for walk the dog?

After you throw is your hand facing palm up or palm down?

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Hey there! So something to keep in mind is that walk the dog almost always tends to “stray” from the straight path as the yoyo slows. Reason being is that as the Yoyo loses momentum and the friction on the Yoyo touching the floor continues, the Yoyo will lean to one side over the other causing it to go off to the side.

What you are experiencing isn’t anything abnormal! But to keep the dog walking sober for the longest time you can, make sure your throw is hard and your yoyo is spinning straight :3