need help learning beginner trick and about learning curve

Hi everyone,
I’m new to yoyo and have been learning for about a month. And right now I’m stuck in walk the dog and forward pass. For walk the dog I cannot get my yoyo to sleep long enough, everytime I put the yoyo on the floor it will soon stop spinning. For forward pass, can anyone explain how to swing properly so the yoyo will come back after it reaches right about eye level? By the way my yoyo is yyf velocity ver 3 and since I’m working I can only practice about 1-2 hours everyday. And I want to ask everyone here in this forum, how long usually for someone to learn beginner tricks? Because I think I’m way too slow for learning them. Thanks and I really appreciate everyone for reading this post.

Well, i don’t know… walk the dog took me a few minuts…maybe :-\ But everyone has there own curve. For walk the dog, try doing it on carpet, and if it’s not sleeping long enought just try throughing. Just plain ol throwing. I found walk the dog is really easy to do with a power brain. As for the forward pass, i wouldn’t worry about bringing it eye level. Just throw it in an arc underhand and get it back. I practiced this one with a cheap dollar store type yoyo. Or a duncan imperial maybe. One that comes back almost automaticcally. But i’d focus more on the breakaway over the forward pass. It’s more important and may be easier. Unless you really want to do 2a but i’d still start with 1a.

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You aren’t necessarily slow at learning. I think we all get stuck at times. For a while, even though I had moved on to the intermediate section, I wasn’t very good at UFO. Even now, I’m stuck with Ripcord, and I’m having difficulty properly dismounting from Mach 5 and Atomic Bomb.

For Walk the Dog, make sure that you throw a strong sleeper. Like M said, try it on carpet. Also, the YYF Velocity has an adjustable response system. Try turning the dials on the sides to make it less responsive, which will increase spin time.

For the Forward Pass, you’ll want to set your yo-yo to be more responsive. As for the throw, just be sure to put some strength behind it.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you everyone for answering and reading my post. I am going to try all of your suggestions.