Walk the dog

Hello, I’m a beginner and new to the forum. I have only had my yoyo for a day and i’ve been practicing non stop. I’ve been practicing my sleeper and strong sleepers mostly, so I thought it was time to walk the dog. The thing is, whenever I touch my yoyo to the ground when im doing it, my yoyo goes sideways instead of straight and usually goes on to one side and just starts spinning and getting screwed up. My yoyo is the one from the starter kit. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong, help would be appriciated :smiley:

Which starter kit did you buy? Most likely the problem lies in you not throwing perfectly straight. If only one half of the yoyo touches the ground the yoyo will veer off to the side.

I got the “yoyofactory starter kit.” That’s all it says. I also notice that sometimes the yoyo goes backwards then to the right? Is there something wrong with my sleeper? I feel like im doing something severely wrong

Make sure you are holding the yo-yo properly. When holding your palm up and ready to do a sleeper, the string should go OVER the yo-yo and on to your finger.

I don’t know what you mean by over, when i wind the stream up, im winding it away from over the top of the yoyo, is that correct?

doesn’t really matter how you wind it.  It is how you hold it after.  the string should go from  your finger, over the axle of the yoyo.  Not under the axle of the yoyo.  This video will explain it.  Also the options at the top have a link to “LEARN” section, which will explain everything you will likly ask us too.  ;) 

I have watched those 2 videos, that’s why i came here :). No matter what my yoyo always comes back toward me when i try to walk the dog and I don’t know what im doing wrong.


By come back to you do you mean come back to your hand or it rolls to you?

If so the string is going over the axle the wrong way, or you could be doing a breakaway, I’m assuming the string is going over the axle the wrong way.

The string should be attached to your finger, wrapped up coming out the top part of the wrap, not the bottom, this would cause it to come back towards you.

Watch them closer, and examine every aspect of your throw, hold, wind, and trick. You will see your problem. Or video your self doing the trick and we will tell you. with out a video of you, you will have to just watch and figure it out. do everything step by step exactly as the videos show. You right now are messing up at least one step.

I mean it rolls back to me. I can’t find what i’m doing wrong, ill try to post a video soon

once you get the yoyo in your hand for the throw try turning it over, then throwing.

your yoyo just might not be stable, because its cheap yoyo,thats why its turning. also, it has low spin time maybe and as it loses spin tim it turns. hope it helped.

It’s natural for that to happen with a wide yoyo. Ive been at it for almost 9 months but I can still only walk the dog consistently with a looper(narrow yoyo)

You’re throwing it backwards.

Try twisting the yo-yo 180 degrees with out taking the string off your finger.

Then throw!

Do the walk the dog,


Hope this helps!

And Have fun on your
journey of yo-yoing!

Haha yeah because there is such a thing as a yoyo too cheap to walk the dog with. OMG that is rich. haha

so true :smiley:

Honestly, wing-shaped yoyos don’t seem to walk too well in my opinion…they always veer off to the side. I personally like using a looper or something narrow. The yoyo seems to walk a bit cleaner and straighter. Walking surface is another factor as well. Smooth tile or hardwood floor works best for walking the dog. Carpet slows things down and cement bounces the yoyo around too much and marks it up pretty good.

@OP, don’t listen to things like this. The yyf yoyo from the starter kit is perfectly adequate for what you’re doing.

I’m not sure exactly what the problem you’re having is. It it that the yoyo is spinning out when you touch it to the floor? or is it coming back toward you when you touch the floor, as opposed to away from you? Or is it coming back to your hand?

If it’s spinning out, then work on your throw. It’ll spin out a bit because your throw isn’t straight.

If it’s coming back toward you as opposed to out in front and away from you, then when you’re throwing it, you’re putting the wrong direction spin on the yoyo.
If you throw the yoyo straight out in front of you like Andre does in the video, it will be spinning the right way. Whereas if you throw like an underpass or a breakaway, the yoyo will be spinning the opposite direction. (Just as an example, if you were to throw a normal sleeper, the yoyo would be spinning counter clockwise, so when you put it on the floor, it would go away from you. If you threw an underpass or breakaway, it would be clockwise and go toward you)

If the yoyo is coming back to you hand, perhaps try to put it on the floor more gently, or throw a stronger sleeper.

Wingshaped yoyos are just fine for walking the dog with. Generally your sleeper isn’t going to be perfectly straight, so the yoyo will tend to veer off to one side more. But I disagree with andre and angrygumball on the carpet thing. Carpet may slow the yoyo down more than tile would, but it does that because it catches more on the yoyo. It catching on the yoyo will pull it forward moreso than if you used tile, where it will kind of slip in place (it will move some, but much less so than carpet)
Plus later down the road when you likely get a metal yoyo, carpet won’t damage it.

If I had my video camera I would try to make a video or something trying to explain this better, but alas :confused:

If you can, please make a video so we can see exactly what the problem is?

I think hes expecting it to walk like he sees in other videos like the one with Andre. This could make that yoyo quite possibly not good enough for his dog walking expectations.

Your yoyo stinks. Go buy a starlight. best starter yoyo. Also, dont worry about walk the dog… Youll hurt your metal yoyos in the future.

Horrible advice. I wont allow you to say something like this.

What you have is fine for learning walk to dog, but like mentioned, wing shaped yoyos do not tend to stay balanced during the “walk” on the floor very well.
The throws you have right now are great started yoyos and as you progress you will be able to make choices on future yoyos. But for now, you are set.

Don’t be discouraged, just keep practicing, and good luck!

And welcome to the forum by the way if nobody has done so yet, always great to see newer players getting into it.