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Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking here for a bit since I kind of got into yoyoing last week. I had a couple questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I’m actually kind of embarrassed because most everyone is so advanced, but I’ll go ahead and ask anyways. I’m sure you’ve all gotten these questions dozens of times, I don’t mind any copy/pasting or linking if you already answered them (I checked the search function). I’m using a Maverick if that helps.

I’m trying to walk the dog and it keeps veering off. I can walk a bit and bring it back, but some of the “pro” videos show them just walking it while standing in place indefinitely, until they decide to bring it back. And it just goes straight! I can do that on the carpet (kind of), but the second I try to go on hardwood or concrete, it picks an angle (never always left or right) and begins to slowly slide that way. If I don’t snap it back up inside 5-7 seconds, it flips onto the side. Is there a way to manipulate the string to “even it out” again? I’ve read that if my sleeper is off at all, that will make it change directions, but I’ve also read it’s because I’m using a butterfly shape. I’m not sure who to believe. My sleeper is definitely off sometimes, but even when it looks DEAD even, it will veer just a bit, and continue to veer after that.

Another problem I’m having is trying to learn that “snap wind” that is on the video in this site. calls it beginner, and yye calls it intermediate, and all I can say is they make it look way easy. Does that usually take a while to figure out? I don’t imagine there’s any tips for that, the video explains it clearly but damn if I can get it to spin as hard as that guy does. I usually end up just letting it eat up some of the string (loosely) and winding it the rest of the way. And that’s on a good attempt. Seems like a huge time saver though and worth the effort.

I guess that’s it for now. Any input would be appreciated! Again, thanks for reading and awesome site, it’s helped me a TON since I picked this thing up.

Okay first off I tried “Walk the Dog” (been way too long xD ) and found that the yoyo most of the time would “walk” one way as well. But after making a really good strait throw it worked so I suppose it’s just really sensitive. Don’t sweat it too much just work on your throws. (Apparently I still have work to do too =P )

And when it comes to Snap starts they are defiantly difficult to learn at first. Simple idea just a lot of practice to get it down. Keep it up though it so worth learning.

I learned them over a few months just sitting in a chair with a dead yoyo. (The car is a good place to practice if you’re not driving :wink: )

Also I used to lurk for like two years.

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Walk the dog is pretty difficult to keep straight, especially depending on your yoyo. If it’s wide and has thin rims, it’s probably going to favour one direction.

Best yoyo I ever had for walking the dog was probably my Raider.

Snap winds are tough. If you’re throwing tug-responsive yoyos, they’re REALLY tricky. You’re better off for responsive yoyos with a “thumb start” (I actually use fingers on either side of the string, but let’s just call it a thumb start).

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Walk the Dog goes straight if you have a really straight throw. It sounds like it will be a good trick to teach you to throw straight.
I would follow GregP’s advice about the thumb start. Good luck:) I hope this did not sound condescending.

Sorry about the double post. My iPod glitched out.

Wow, tons of great input, thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it! I feel a lot better about the dog walking now haha.

And I carpool 2-4x a weekend, so it sounds like a great time to practice the snap, thanks for the idea Trace!

Ok… walk the dog… its way easier with an imperial shaped yoyo, butterfly shaped tend to veer off to one side A LOT easier than imperials. This happens to me too…

Now, starting the yoyo dead… im assuming ur talking about the one where u put pressure in the center of the yoyo let go then causes it to spin and pops up and comes back to ur hand and not the “snap start”. So…the more responsive the yoyo, the easier it is… imperial, lighter yoyo, starburst response, all of this makes it a lot easier, yoyos that sre butterfly that are responsive enough and can do string tricks,when u try to start the yoyo it will usually just go halfway and ull have to wind the rest…

All the above advice is good - I just wanted to add one thing regarding the walking the dog “on concrete”… i’d probably stick to carpet - that concretes has to really beat up your throw :slight_smile:

The trick to getting your walk the dog to go straight is to have a straight sleeper. If your sleeper is tilted, the yoyo will turn. Its just like a motorcycle. If you tilt it one way, it turns that way, if its tilting the other way, it will turn that way. Work on the sleeper and you’ll have it down!


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