why is 2nd run peak worse?

Didn’t know where else to put it. I’m guessing maybe a few other people don’t know? I know they are machined from different places but im asking: how do 2nd run peaks play worse (to get their bad name) than other runs? I have heard vibe, but my OD dietz vibes worse than my 2nd peak. So besides vibe? I have a 2nd run. I am offended.

I have the second run Peak and I love it! It’s one of my favorites.

It has very little vibe.

I have 2 2nd run peaks and they play great. but they needed a little bit of tuning to get there.

Does it spin? Can you get through your combos?


Then quit giving a damn about other people’s opinion.

I have 2 2nd Run Peaks. They both play very differently. The issue with 2nd run Peaks is that this run didn’t have good consistency.

Mind you, both play good. One plays heavy and kind “rock” like, but other than that it’s great. The other one just plays really sweet.

I’m going to be putting some cash in a “secret location” and will reserve it for a 3rd run and 1st run peak.

I happen to like the way the Peak plays. I do have stuff I like a lot better, but these are very well made and well designed and when tuned properly, are amazing. I like when I bring my collection out and let people play my Peaks. Everyone should have such an opportunity.

Who said they are worse? News to me.

Never played a first run, so I couldn’t tell you.

The reason they all play different is because the 1st run was machined by a shop that didn’t follow the exact model and by accident they played the best. The 2nd run was how it was originally designed and was slightly heavier and had a smaller radius on the sides of the rims. Eventually I got a clue and the 3rd run was a modification to try to get back to the 1st run feel/weight.

The 2nd run was machined by an oilfield shop in Calgary. They were very good, but just didn’t have the knack for production machining jojos. We had some issues with vibration, but can be easily tuned out on most. I’ve heard that the Alex BearingGull Peak is the best out of the 2nd run for play.

Anyways, we’ve learned from that and are very selective now on the types of shops we use for machining. We actually only use two shops now. One Drop and a new shop in BC on the west coast.

I dunno it is really personal preference. Both are pretty rad. haha :slight_smile: