What did you guys think of the Peak 2?


What did you guys all think of the peak 2 did it live up to its expectations?
My peak 2 finally got here. Here is me first trying it out! Please enjoy subscribe and share I have much more to come.


I haven’t tried one yet. Waiting (hoping) for a painted Peak 2 ;D


Love the peak it’s an awesome yoy



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Great price, super comfy in the hand. Alot less scary to throw than any V1 Peaks simply due to the ease of replacing.

Overall, I think the 3rd run peak plays better, but just barely. The fun thats added with the peak2 more than balances out the fear of hurting a Peak at the loss of something that the 3d run Peak has that the peak2 is missing.

Great for chopsticks, and fluidity. Needs a bit of attention, and a touch of finesse. Not as stable os other throws but thats not a bad thing, just means your gonna have to pay closer attention. Less “training wheels” is you will. I love a good O shape, and the peak just fills that need for me. I just love it. Not to mention that Confetti Cannon is SO beautiful. Nothing like Compass’ confetti cannon. This one I got is more pleasing to my eye than even my old Rainbow Trout i sold off a while back.

I love the Peak and the Peak 2, Since the Peak 2 landed I put the Peak back in the case to live safe and sound. The Peak 2 has replaced the Peak in my top three and lives along side Valkyrie and Tundra on my top 3 list. 2 of those three are my EDC. which two rotates daily. :slight_smile:


I haven’t played with one yet, but nice yoyoing as usual!

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Forgot to add and ask…

Mine is rattely, regardless of bearing I put in it. Ive got a 2nd run peak and a 3rd run peak and they have a certain similar sound as well, so i could be nature of the beast.

Anyone out there have a silent peak2?


Mine is silent…might be your bearing? :-\


Mine is dead smooth, and dead silent. I like mine a lot, not enough to double up though unless they release a painted version.

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I put another bearing in there it was even louder… Ill try several different ones today to be sure, but I guess I just got a noisy one? Ill report back later today.


I think I know what you’re talking about my Peak, not sure if it’s a version 2 or 3 has a certain “hollow” sound to it. Doesn’t matter what bearing is in it.

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If ya’ll want i can make a video of them. /shrug i got the next couple days off. :slight_smile:


I really enjoy the two I got. The first one (10th anniversary beach party) had a certain sound to it. The second one I got (28 stories) was dead silent, but somewhat responsive. Just cleaned the bearing twice and put a tiny drop of V4M in and it was golden. Slight ring to it and unresponsive.


There’s a nice increase in playability in the Peak 2 compared to the earlier Peaks but it doesn’t replace the charm of the older Peaks.

Comparing 3rd run Peak and Peak 2… 3rd run Peak is more aggressively rim-weighted, and has a tighter gap and higher wall. So the Peak 2 is more nimble feeling, faster, and more forgiving versus the 3rd run Peak.

The main issue I have, which might not be a problem for others, is that on a throw the bigger gap (at least I think it’s the cause) of the Peak 2 results in a strong “thunk” at the end of the string. I changed the bearing to a centre trac and it still does it. Maybe replacing the response will help more, I dunno… any ideas?


I have a Peak 2 and don’t feel any ‘thunk’ at the end of the string.

And I do have a few thinkers in my large herd of yoyos, lol.

If the gap is possibly the problem; maybe try a thicker string to offset the gap?

…I use Kitty 1.5 or kitty thin; a lot. Usually I change over to Kitty Fat when a yoyo seems to be in thunk mode :nerd_face:.

…Also, if your bearing is super clean; combined with thinner string; the Yoyo will have more tendency to fall down the string.

If you figure it out; please post an update because you sure got me wondering🤔



Yeah, thanks for the suggestions, I have been using fat string in the Peak 2 but it still is ‘thunking’ on me. Most unresponsive yoyos seem to do this - where on a throw as the yoyo unwinds to the end of the string there is some length of the string where the yoyo just falls - but on some yoyos it seems to bother me more than others, mostly when the gap is wide (like on most YYF I’ve tried). To be fair, maybe I should adjust my throw as well.

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I used to have this problem until i switched to a thinner string. Cloud strings made that problem go away entirely. At least they did for me. I used to have the same issue.

Also, after the 3rd bearing in my peak2 i found one that was much quieter. Put the noisy bearing in another throw and while it had a tiny noise to it was was worlds quieter than it was in my peak2 so. . .i dunno. :slight_smile:


Yess! I put some thinner string on and it is better. Counterintuitive at first to use thinner string in a bigger gap but when I think about why the “thunk” is happening, it makes sense. Cheers!

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Huzzah! ;D


The Peak 2 is amazing, and is a wonderful substitute for the Peak 1.