Peak 1st Run vs Second

Ik there’s like weight differences and stuff but which one is better and is there a 3rd run


there’s a whole history on the peak on the other forum.
just google “history of the peak yoyo” and it should be the first one.
there was a 3rd/final run
It’s personal preference for which one is “better”.
I’ve heard that the 3rd run is the most floaty though. and 2nd run plays heavier. I’ve only thrown 1 peak before though, so I’m not sure about how the different runs play.

I have a 2nd Run peak, and it just plays heavy and slow for me. It feels heavy on the string too. I like big and heavy since I tend to like slow play, but this one kinda dogs.

It’s also the only Peak I have and then only Peak I’ve ever played. I’ve been told by reliable sources that there were some weight inconsistency issues with the 2nd Run Peaks. I am interested in obtaining a 3rd run Peak.

Well if u ever want to sell tht peak pm me I reply want one soo bad…also are they as good as the hype for them like are they better than avalanches