what run peak should I try to get?


title says it all
which run peak do you think I should try to get? I’ve heard 3rd run plays the best, but I’m not totally sure the differences between the runs outside of the colourway.


I have a 2nd Run Peak. It plays super heavy but I’ve been told there were issues with consistency with the weight. It’s polished, so it looks nice at least!

I hear 3rd run is the way to go and it’s what I’m after as well.


I thought the Peak got discontinued.


It did. BST is the only way to get these.


hmm… so probably not a second run then. I’m not a big fan of heavy.


What’s BST?

(Vizoh) #7

I you were not kidding its buy/sell/trade


Search for the history of the peak on the other forum.

To sum it up:

1st run: Rare, slight vibe

2nd run: Inconsistent, different shop, cool colour ways, bearing gulls are pretty much the best of the 2nd run

3rd run: Players, better quality ano

China peak: way different then other peaks, 1 of1