How exactly does a peak play? Is it “better” than the Chief. All I hear about the peak is “Floaty this, floaty that”. Does it really live up to all the hype it receives? I am thinking about trading my Chief for a Peak, but am unsure…


I have a 2nd Run Peak, and I don’t have a Chief. It’s one of my least favorites of my CLYW’s. It’s big, it’s heavy, and it plays super heavy. I’ve been informed by trusted sources that weights on this run varied and it’s very likely I ended up with something on the heavier side of things.

It’s a great performer, but it’s just too heavy on the string in my case. I much prefer my Ava, Gnarwal or BVM. I bring it out when I want a “work-out”.


Really? That’s weird, as everyone defines it as “floaty”.


You have to remember that clyw switched machine shops a few time with the peak so each batch is a little different.