So where's the peak 2?

We have to all be thinking it. With clyw coming out with a revamped model of pretty much everything they ever made, it would only make sense to also update what is arguably their most desired product ever. Perhaps it is thought of as almost sacred ground and a name that they wish to not compromise. On the other hand, clyw has been building a pretty aggressive business model and a neo-peak would probably break all the sales records.
Thoughts and comments?

Yes it would be cool to make a second peak

But it would make the first one less special

It would be awesome to see a new Peak. They would make a TON of money from it. And yes it would make the OG ones less special but it would make getting one a lot easier on the rest of us. CLYW isn’t making any money people selling their peaks for $200 plus.

It would definitely make getting any peak a heck of a lot easier for anyone and give people who normally wouldn’t drop that kind of money on an OG a chance to own one

V-shaped Peak 2 aka Peak V2.


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Never really thought about a peak sequal. If it was made it should have a slightly larger gap and less center weight for more stability

I feel like the original puffin was pretty close design-wise to the peak. And Chris even said it was a design/prototype he was working on when Pali fell in love with it. Just my two cents


I think they should release the cad files of the peak, they’re not making new ones, so why not let others try it without spending $200.

Chris swore not to make anymore Peaks. Not sure if a revamped version would violate the promise.

Why do you need the files?

Oh that’s right people only know how to let the computers do everything for them.

I actually heard something about CLYW making more throws out of a certain colorway or something, when they said they would no longer be producing that colorway or that throw. Wish this applied to the Peak :frowning:

really because yoyobrothers on Instagram told me that Chris promised he would make a second peak, at least that’s what he told me


I think he should just go ahead and knock two things off the bucket-list and make a Ti Peak.

Its a lot easier to give a machine shop the files than givimg him measurements and pictures. It is also nice to do things like this with permission.

Ahh yes the easy way.

I would love another large organic shaped CLYW. They could totally tweak the peak and do something with it. While at it, make a Bassalope 2. Those rings are sexy.

I’ve never heard of any “promise” to not make a Peak 2 or run the Peak again, I was always under the impression that they simply stopped producing it because their new machine shop couldn’t produce it to the proper specifications or something along those lines. Combined with the community at large having little to no desire to shell out any bucks let alone big bucks for organic highwall throws, discontinuing it seems like a wise decision.

Also, they already made the Peak 2. It was called the Canvas. They discontinued that one too.

If you guys want the latest CLYW thing that has a very unique feel then you should get a Bonfire. If you look at it from the side it even looks like a Peak. It actually plays well though. I strongly suspect that the Bonfire is gonna be CLYW’s new Chief, meaning that I’d expect a zillion runs and colorways so if you don’t have one now or if there’s not a colorway that suits you, there will be eventually.


Bassalope 2 would be awesome. Clyw should also make another small bearing yoyo

I don’t think they should. Just like Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away movie, great things don’t need continuation.

way to go with the obscure Miyazaki reference. You have won the internet for the day

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