So where's the peak 2?

Almost a 2 for every yoyo beaides the Bassalope, the Cliff, the Glacier Express, the Chief, etc.

Just like we don’t need a Chief 2 right?

Maybe a new yoyo “similar” to a peak but not the same.

Yeah… Puffin1 is VERY Peak-like in shape.

I’d try the Puffin or Bonfire…

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I like the fact that no one even remembers the reason why the firs few painted Peaks had two motion points on it and who they symbolize. Everyone knows who that taller point is, Chris, but who is the smaller point. You should ask him for help, even though I sought he will give the Peak CAD files but might give you 90% at a price but don’t hold these words agents me.

Here are a few hints, he is the created of yoyo g-string and is known as Gsimian some and not if most.
Now quick, to the Google tab.


Edit: I’ll be more specific with Paul Wallace aka G-String Paul.

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Yup, I don’t know why but everyone forgot about him…well he did drop out of the CLYW group early but that still does not mean he never helped make the Peak. Dude also made some sweet string… I miss his work so much :’(.
What ever he is doing at the moment all I have to say is God’s speed to you Paul Wallace.

OG Puffin was originally intended as a modernized Peak. Well a mash up between there two most famous models Chief and peak. Catch zone is almost exactly the same as a Peak except it has a step. And while I have not tried a Puffin (want one though) iD assume it plays much better than the Peak does too. (Yes I still love the peak I’m just talking play wise.)

This would be one epic piece :slight_smile:

Chris can’t even recreate the Peak, let alone make a sequel good/similar enough to call it Peak2.
What exactly do you kids think you’re gonna do if Chris hands over a CAD file for such a simple design? Take it around to random shops hoping they make the same mistake as Chris’s first shop? First run Peaks are the way they are because a mistake was made. Why do you think the second runs are a joke? If they could do it again they would’ve.

Buy a Bonfire. Get over the Peak, I know most of you haven’t spent any considerable amount of time on a real one anyway. It won’t make you Jensen, chances are, you wont even like the thing.

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One of the most important rules of life, anything you can’t have is the best thing ever and the grass is always greener on the other side.