Peak vs. Chief


So I’m thinking about trading my chief for a peak but want to know which is better.


Most people agree that the chief is a better player, and unless the peak is a third run (best playing) or a really rare colour way I wouldn’t even consider it.


The Peak is a nice yoyo, but definitely not as good as the Chief. Most people just want a Peak for the nostalgia/collecting. I have both. Keep your Chief. You’ll probably not see a better yoyo from CLYW in a long time.


No, do not trade it for a peak EVER…unless it is 3rd run like nobody said.

@JetEyeNight, also CLYW has a new design coming out, Zach Gormley sig: arctic circle, so we will have to wait and see on that.


Don`t forget the bonfire and the funny one with the cap things.


Well it is for a sebby peak, but I dont know which run that is.


I’m pretty sure sebby peak was a 2nd run. google complete history of the clyw peak.


It was a 2nd run. I wouldn’t do the trade. What kind of Chief do you have?


I have the foxy moss edition.


That would be a really dumb trade. Hold on to your chief.


That peak is worth twice as much, easily. Especialy with the high number of runs the chief is receiving.


I’m don’t think I am going to trade anymore, as I am a player, not a collector.