To Peak or not to Peak..

Mods: This question has a little bit of YoYo Exhibition, a bit of Looking for Help/Recommendations, but mostly intended as general question about collecting. Feel free to move as necessary…but this was my best guess. Love ya!

Ok…so is a modest CLYW collection complete without a Peak? Chief is my consistent favorite, and the Puffin is my current number 2. I only like mint/darn near throws with the box…so the Peak would blow out my budget quite a bit. Having never thrown one…I’m not sure how much of the love is sentimental, and how much it holds up as a modern comp throw. Puffin is so comfortable…I can’t see blowing that much coin on another comfort throw.

I’ll happily go to war defending CLYWs as worthy of the attention they get…but I worry that the Peak has been blown up a bit more as a status symbol, or nostalgia piece.

If this thread turns into a CLYW flame war, I’ll ask the mods to delete it. If it’s overly gushy…I won’t get any value out of it. So…be kind. Your favorite brand is awesome too. ;D

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You guessed right, the Peak is mostly a piece of history.

It has the history behind its price tag.

I am on the hunt for one as well to complete my collection, yet it is VERY hard to do so.

I am starting to back off of clyw, an go more for the general yo/ and now deadly spins.

Honestly it’s a little bit of both. For what it was at the time I think the Peak was an amazing return top. I believe that it still holds up to today’s standards. I have one Peak and it does outplay a lot of my newer throws. That being said, it is my least used CLYW. Owning one, for me at least, was a matter of curiosity as I didn’t get on board when they were brand new.

I don’t really know what to say to help you. If you can find a Peak at a price that you find reasonable I absolutely think you should consider buying it over any other “new” throw. It is a piece of nostalgia and history, but it is also a fully functional very fun to play return top. Had it not played so well it would not have become the stuff of legend. By no means does that mean it plays better than say, a Chief or possibly a Puffin, but when they were new they stood out because they were unique and excellent, not because they were nostalgic or the original Caribou Lodge throw.

Peak of course!
try to find a painted one.

I sold my Peak. it wasn’t an amazing player, it was nice, but not my cup of tea. it is definitely more of a collectors piece imo.

If you’re a collector then your collection is not complete without the peak. Sorry. It has so much history that you cannot over look it.

It plays ok. I can see why it was retired by CLYW. The throws that they are putting out now blow it out of the water. When it first came out it was something special and it still holds up ok by today’s standards. just don’t expect it to knock yours socks off from a performance stand point.

I purchased mine for the same reason you are thinking of getting one now. That is I wanted to complete my CLYW collection. I, too, needed to get a mint one with the box in order for me to feel that my collection was complete. Now that I have one I’m happy to have a complete CLYW collection but I rarely throw the peak.

So it’s a tough choice to make because your money could be put into other throws that play quite a bit better but then your CLYW collection will be missing that one piece.

If your looking to have a full CLYW collection, then yes you must have a peak. As far as play goes, I wasn’t too impressed and I’ve tried all three runs. There are just so many more yoyos out now that are easier to find, cheaper, and better all around players.
The history behind it is of course important, because what do we have besides history?
Though personally, I would rather read and admire from afar. I collect yoyos to play them, plain and simple. I’m not interested in any yoyos I don’t enjoy playing.