Chief VS Peak

I have no idea which one i want to get. but I know im gonna get one of the two. What are the main differences between them? Just looking for some general knowledge.

this should be moved to looking for help/recommendation. Chiefs are smoother in general, and the peak and chief obviously have different shapes as well, so it just comes down to how much you care about a yoyo being smooth, and the yoyos shape. I personally enjoy the peak over every caribou lodge with the exception of the avalanche.

The Chief is a better player in my opinion but, i would get a peak over it everytime because the peak is out of production but their will be more Chiefs in the next year

very true, so you may actually want to go for the Peak.

sorry to bring up an old thread… but the peak will never match up to the level of play … with the chief

if you are a collector - Peak … if you want the best bang for your buck plus better play - Chief

I had both … n IMO chief > peak … but again … if you are a collector etc or just really like the way the peak plays then by all means go for it …

I have 2 Peaks, and they both play completely different. I’m told they are both 2nd run Peaks.

Then I have a 4th run chief. I’d like to get a 2nd Run Chief. But that’s merely a desire.

A well done Peak is amazing, plays amazing and is freakin’ amazing. My first Peak, a raw 2nd run, isn’t any of this. my 2nd Peak, the “The Works” colorway, plays smooth as silk and amazes me. However, even so, to me, the Chief plays better.


Thanks for the information! I’ve had a 2nd run peak that had the rims sanded and a custom ago and it plead not too well. It seemed a little too tilty in my opinion. was that how your raw one felt?

No, not at all. The Raw one just plays heavy. Not quite the “rock on a string”, but it definitely lets you know it’s there. If it plays “tilty”, it’s due to me doing a bad throw or not hitting a trick clean, which for me are common problems. I think I weighed it and it was less than the “The Works” Peak I have, which kinda had me scratching my head going “what?”. I’ve been told by trusted sources that the 2nd Runs suffererred from inconsistency.

yeah, the 2nd run had some inconsistencies due to the people they had machining them.
1st and 3rd run though were pretty consistent.

As others have said, the chief will pretty much outperform a peak any day. Clyw has gotten new technology and has gotten experience in what works, and what doesn’t. But if you’re interested in more of a sought after, collectible piece of yoyo history, I’d go for a peak. Which if you do decide to go for a peak, I’d go with a 1st or 3rd run.