Are all peaks the same?

Well, I know peaks are splashed, but will they turn out the same?

Well, it depends upon how you ask the question. The most basic answer I can give you is this: No two yoyos are exactly the same. It all depends upon stuff like age of silicone, how well its broken in, string age and type, bearing, tightness, and other factors can change the personality of a yoyo slightly. So, in effect, my second run raw peak might indeed play different than a peak of the same exact run.

What you’re asking, I believe, is if different runs are the same? Well, a quick peruse through YYN tells me this: The new 28’s are a tad heavier and have gaps that are slightly larger than the original painted ones. However, the specs on the Hulk Smash Peak resembles the new 28 run exactly. So we can come to the following conclusion: The difference between peak runs brought about a few very minute changes.

It is a true thing that some of the original peaks had a small vibe, or had a dull nipple. In the later runs, these issues were fixed, and the yoyo that emerged is the champion we call the Peak.

So the answer to your question is no. Not all peaks are exactly the same. But let me put it like this. Think of your favorite song. Its a great song, isn’t it? However, will it be exactly the same each time the band goes and plays it? Absolutely not. There may be a wrong not here, a message to the crowd, some stage antics. But its still the same song, its still a Peak.

i think he was asking if each splash peak looks exactly the same, which if that is the case then the answer is no, the splash is random just like a jackson pollock painting would be, so every splash pattern is different.

Yes, that is what I am asking, sorry I didn’t put that on my original post.

Oh, my bad.

No two splashes are the same.

Alright, thanks. Also, don’t worry about it, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. :smiley: