Why I haven't moved to Reddit to talk about yo-yos


Because it’s not organized enough.

(InvaderDust) #2

Its a daily flushing feed not a library database. What kind of organization are you looking for?

Its for a constant updating info cesspool of all things yoyo. The activity and turnover there is WORLDS faster and refreshing by the minute. Ill hit Throwers 50 times and find something new every-single-time vs other forums and groups are, lack luster at best, in terms of new content, activity, and userbase.

Dont get me wrong, I love it here, FB can jump off a cliff, and r/Throwers is a must to stay up to date with whats happening today as opposed to this week.

It feels like the difference of 20-30 core people here, vs a few hundred flakes on /throwers.

its simply a numbers game. Both are valid and should be accounted for.


I also can’t get into Reddit. It’s just hard to follow, and yeah just seems disorganized = scattershot. It’s more like a chat I guess.

I wish the forums were more active. I hope they stick around.

I don’t mean to put Reddit down, I’ve just tried it and don’t care for it.


Agree totally on all three of your points.


Wait a minute; whats this reddit thing? ;D

My experience is that reddit is all about manufacturers and phony posts about how much so and so loves the new digleberry-splash Super Fab yoy-yo.

(Spinworthy Glen) #6

I would love to be more active here on the forums, but I’m simply struggling to find things to talk about and a general lack of interesting new topics. I really do hope it picks up again.


I completely agree
I check in every now and then. Wish the forum would be separated into two distinct sections: everything BST related and anything else. It would be easier to see any “random” yo-yo related talks, particularly when using the app. And if you’re in the market for a yo-yo look under a different “tab.” There’s so many topics it would be cool to have the main feed not include BST stuff.


(Spinworthy Glen) #8

Couldn’t agree more with the BST stuff.

(InvaderDust) #9

There is a BST thread for all things BST. Stickied to the top, refreshed weekly. Also a Weelky disscussion tab for open conversations.

The main feed has little to no BST stuff in it, and those that do, get downvoted to oblivion and locked rather quickly.

Maybe were looking at different feeds? i dunno

(Spinworthy Glen) #10

When I check unread posts, it’s mostly BST posts.


reddit is bocked in my country.


I think the “L” key on your keyboard is too ;D

(InvaderDust) #14

Whoa… That kind of blows my mind! :o

My feed on my computer is not at all like you see and the app I use (BaconReader) is also like that for me. Im not sure why its not like that for you.

Ive got a stickied BST post at the top and its own place entirely, and all other yoyo talk/pics/Q&A is part of the main feed.

??? i dunno

(André Boulay) #15

Just wanted to mention with the new forum software it is possible to mute certain channels so for example keeping the Buy/Sell/Trade out of the latest posts unless you decide to click into it, etc. :wink:

Screenshot where you can do this in your settings for the forum.

(Peter Hunter) #16

Reddit is not user friendly nor is it ta ally friendly in any way. It’s like a fanboy flame fest, lol


I find that “the algorithm” on reddit favors hot / breaking / new stuff so much that it’s impossible to have rational discussions – everything falls off the front page constantly. There’s also so much duplication because it’s not possible to find and bump old discussions back to the front page, you have to create a whole new discussion on the same exact topic to get anyone to find it. :frowning:

And then downvoting, which is terrible on a small subreddit… if you post an opinion someone doesn’t agree with, or they decide they don’t like the cut of your jib… downvote. I just don’t think downvoting has a place in a positive hobby like yo-yoing!

Reddit is good for the latest breaking news and what’s happening right now, though!